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2014 in retrospect: a landmark year for the EASY SOFTWARE group

Once more the market leader, a successful start to the EASY FIT 2017 transformation process, a double-digit sales growth, excluding inorganic factors, in the past financial year, and also the initiation of an upcoming product offensive: the résumé of the software manufacturer from Mülheim an der Ruhr for 2014 is largely positive. Important foundations were laid down for the future with the investments made, even if this led to a short-term decline in profitability. If we were to exclude special items we could have secured a result at the level of the previous year.


Services with a particularly high demand

The current high-level of dynamics in the marketplace has caused a noticeably downward effect in the business of the manufacturer of user-oriented document management software. The past year has shown that, at the current time, product revenue depends significantly more upon the solutions business than in previous years. As a result of these, EASY SOFTWARE registered particularly strong growth in the services sector. The company hence did not only exceed the previous year’s total values but it also clearly exceeded the market trend.


Over 12,000 installations

Further facts and figures demonstrate the sustained positive business growth for 2014: according to an independent study by the ama GmbH, the EASY SOFTWARE group is responsible for providing the largest number of installed DMS/ECM systems in Germany. In the last year alone the EASY group was able to carry out its 12,000th product installation and to gain more than 300 new customers – among them reputable companies such as Bilfinger SE and the Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH.

“12,000 installations is an excellent figure of which we are also rather proud. At the same time this milestone represents for us, as a manufacturer, a further incentive to provide our customers with integrated solutions which will make them still more profitable and efficient. We are confident that also in 2015 we can continue this positive development”, EASY Management Board member, Willy Cremers, stated.


The next ECM generations are coming

A further highlight was undoubtedly the EASY WORLD 2014 – the most significant event for customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders – in the Mülheim an der Ruhr town hall. Apart from the opportunity for personal interaction and networking, the event offered in almost 30 presentations the opportunity to obtain practical information on current and upcoming trends in the industry. EASY chief architect, Oliver Merk, announced exclusively to the approximately 500 invited guests the development of the next ECM generation in the EASY SPIRIT project. So-called business modules will be provided on proven, technical EASY ECM services, and they will make possible the creation of ECM solutions in record time using a simple configuration.

As early as mid-2015 the new EASY ECM will be delivered to the first customers. The specialists at EASY Usability have reconceived things for you. Instead of concentrating exclusively on the user interface of the software, EASY is attacking the topic in an integrated manner. The new EASY ECM does not only simplify work for the users, for example by using more transparent processes, but also supports EASY partners in consulting and sales. Installation and configuration have also been noticeably improved. “Our satisfaction surveys and analyses have revealed that many software manufacturers view the subject of usability from too one-dimensional a perspective”, Thomas Cziesla, the head of portfolio management at EASY SOFTWARE AG, pointed out. „We believe that the successful use of software by the customers already starts with sales. ECM must first and foremost be easy enough to use so that it will be understood and accepted by all the parties concerned”. Moreover components from the EASY SPIRIT project have been integrated into the EASY ECM on a step-by-step basis.



As was announced at last year’s Annual General Meeting, EASY SOFTWARE has also begun to implement the EASY FIT 2017 programme. Its objective is to structure EASY in a more robust and more secure manner for the future. The company is concentrating to a greater extent upon its role as a software manufacturer and is developing new products which are more attractive. A new general orientation should support this change and, as a result, EASY also expects positive effects upon company profitability. This has recently been visibly under stress due to the targeted transformation investments and various extraordinary expenses.


2015 at a glance

To sum up, the EASY group is looking forward to 2015 with a lot of confidence and entrepreneurial energy. The conclusion drawn by Willy Cremers is also correspondingly optimistic: “We would like to thank all our employees and our business partners for their outstanding commitment and their wide-ranging support during an important stage of reorientation for the EASY SOFTWARE group. 2015 will be a great year with many new products and services – with the emphasis placed squarely upon the customer”.




The Management Board

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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