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A green light for our customers

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After the last article about the EASY ECM Suite, you are no doubt now expecting the first article on the detailed contents of the modules. We are, however, not quite ready yet – first we want to tell you about the planned schedule for the EASY ECM Suite.


At EASY World 2014 in September, we were able to announce the official start of the EASY ECM Suite project. Over the following months, we grappled with the detailed planning and the necessary concepts. On 27th February 2015, as part of the EASY Partner Information Day, we made the next big step forward – as part of a product announcement, interested partners and customers had the opportunity to get to know the EASY ECM Suite and its contents for the first time.



Market-ready in July

The first market-ready version of the EASY ECM Suite will be launched in July 2015. We will, of course, be providing information about the precise contents of this version in the next blog articles. We are planning to release the EASY ECM Suite 15.2 as part of EASY World 2015 in September.

Thinking about tomorrow today

In addition, we are already working on the next versions for the following year; specifically on the contents for the EASY ECM Suite 16.x version. A clear and transparent scheduling is by no means an end in itself. Instead, we want to give you the required planning certainty in line with the motto “A green light for the ECM Suite; a green light for our partners and customers.”

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