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AHV Ausgleichskasse (compensation fund) MIGROS optimizes document and output management: Löwenfels Partner AG implements EASY ENTERPRISE.x archiving solution

The initial situation: AHV Ausgleichskasse MIGROS of Zurich, Switzerland is a service provider for handling all AHV matters and the associated social organizations in Switzerland for MIGROS. The volume of hard copy files accruing for retirement business transactions is tremendous. Retaining hard copies soon turned out to be a problem due to a lack of space, and the procurement of another big rotating rack (Lektriever) was imminent.

In addition to mail coming in as hard copy and via e-mail, three generations of application software have been producing archive-worthy output at various levels (e.g. direct printing, flatfiles for BTA, Microsoft Word with macros, XSL:FO/PDF). Based on the state-of-the-art technologies already deployed these output streams had to be replicated anew and imported into the archive.

The objective

The archive will be administrated in digital form in the future. Following a clean operation, the dossiers are scanned and along with the output, provided in the archive to the user as the main source of information.
The digital archive must provide high availability.
The different output streams from the business applications (three generations) are to be optimized, where possible with a good cost/benefit ratio. In any event, the output is to be imported into the archive.
Wherever templates have to be customized, they will be renewed using state-of-the-art technologies, with the objective of standardizing templates.Â
This query function of the EASY ENTERPRISE archive is fully integrated into the browser-based business application (Java, Oracle database, Java framework).

Phase 1: Structure und integration

– Hardware and software basic installation, configuration, scanning, integration with business application and output, based on a Linux cluster environment from Transtec, with JBoss as the application server, and EASY ENTERPRISE.x.  – Designing the document templates based on XSL:FO deploying the Assentis tools DocDesign and DocBase. – Scan process based on Panasonic hardware, document identification via barcode, printed on an Opal barcode label printer.
– Integrating the archive using the business application of the browser-based application software generation. This enables the user to easily display documents on a retirement case, for example. This integration is based on EASY ENTERPRISE.x J2EE implementation (EJB).

Phase 2: A solid basis for further rollout

Building the digital archive, scanning existing dossiers and integration into the AHV business application have created an extremely solid basis for further rollout. In particular, the guidelines for further modernization of older Legacy components have been clearly set and modern technologies are now available to replace the older business applications.
Peter Schwarz, Manager of Ausgleichskasse MIGROS, concludes: “Evaluated and delivered by Löwenfels Partner AG, the archive solution EASY ENTEPRISE, and its output optimization features from different business application components, optimally meets our requirements for modern office work. Our users have been accustomed to using business applications implemented in Internet technology and the PDF format for printouts for two years now. This is very much appreciated.   The solution will be rolled out for complete electronic dossier management for all business processes.”

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