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Automotive Industry: Taking the Pole Position in Digitisation

Today, carrying around a phone that can do more than some desktop computers seems normal to us. So normal, no one even thinks about it. Most people think of a car when they think about the biggest innovations of our time. E-mobility and driverless cars are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but rather just a question of time. Even if the automotive industry isn’t marked by transparency and openness to innovation at all times: when it comes to digitising business processes, automotive manufacturers are definitely taking the pole position.


Digital Support for Logistics

To be more specific, when it comes to shifting from paper documents to digital workflows and processes, the automotive industry is among the most open to economic innovation. A recently completed study found that 57 percent of companies are investing in electronic document management for their logistics services. Companies are placing a similar focus on production: 55 percent of them have started to make paper obsolete.


Consistent Trend Towards Paperless Work

It seems obvious that the automotive industry would be switching its supply chain over to strictly digital methods. Consequently, supporting functions and management are also getting some attention when it comes to digitisation. 49 percent of companies are making major strides towards dropping paper in their marketing activities, while 43 percent are doing the same in the areas of quality and compliance management.


Paper: Too Slow for Industry 4.0

Apparently, car companies are planning on doing much more than just pay lip service to the topic of digitisation. Instead, they’re kicking things up a notch or two. And not without reason: Industry 4.0 is already knocking loudly at the door, and it’s clear that the shifts it demands aren’t going to be possible without a basic IT framework, effective collaboration, and digital workflows and archives.

With “Diesel Gate” behind us, electric car sales are on the move. The automotive industry, a key branch in our national economy, still has some good news in store now and then. And they seem to be responding a little more conscientiously to technical IT questions than, for instance, to fuel consumption and emission statistics…

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