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Right on time for the fourth quarter of 2017, the sales people from the EASY PARTNER environment went into their annual “season finale”. Sought and found: The eight top-selling candidates qualified for top racing challenges under the motto “Burn rubber”. The tempting goal: group snow drift training at the BMW Driving Experience in Pitztal, Austria.

Check-in to Hotel Sonnenblick in Pitztal

February 22 was the day for arriving, checking in, and a group dinner at the Bergwerk restaurant at the hotel. In a typical Tyrolean atmosphere, with relaxed discussions and tasty, savory dishes, the participants looked forward to the next day with great anticipation and excitement. Let’s drift: The day was to take the candidates to the snow drift area. What was it all about? Getting to know the behavior of a vehicle under extreme conditions.

Let’s drift – slip slidin’ away

At -7.5°C, with brilliant sunshine, surrounded by mountains and a whole lot of snow, training on the snow drift area got started around 11:00 AM. After a brief introduction to the technical specifications and the prerequisites for good traction and the optimum position in the seat, it was off to the training track with M4 models and 431 HP.


First up on the schedule were some easy lessons in “how to drive safely on a very slippery surface.” Not from zero to sixty, of course. Slalom practice came only after a familiarization phase. Easy lessons you can’t help but benefit from. Because it’s not every day you get an opportunity to learn how a vehicle behaves under those kinds of conditions. That was followed by enhanced driving practice: a variety of drift exercises in a circle and around pylons on the straightaway.


But that wasn’t all. After a group lunch and a short break, it was right back to bigger lessons on drifting: across the whole area with a variety of obstacles, which were even moved around during the drive. The focus here was on responsiveness, evasion, and maintaining control of the vehicle.


Stronger team spirit and a good mood

A group experience like this is known to increase team spirit. All the more so when there’s lots of adrenaline involved. And so the group left the training track around 4:30 PM with big grins lighting up their faces. Certificates of participation were handed out, as a formal conclusion to the snow drift training – a successful, instructive event.

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