City Cycling – EASY Pedals Successfully for Climate Protection

This summer, teams from Mülheim once again rode hard for the City Cycling campaign. EASY SOFTWARE AG was right in the thick of it. City Cycling is a national campaign for climate protection and quality of life which promotes cycling.

How City Cycling works

For five years now, teams have pedaled in their communities and increased bicycle traffic for more environmental awareness and health. On 21 consecutive days, local politicians, school classes, clubs, companies and citizens exchange their cars for their CO2-free bicycle and ride as many kilometers as possible within their communities on the way to work and on personal trips. Participation is organized as a fun competition. In City Cycling, both individual cyclists and the community overall are evaluated. After all, the point is to encourage the participants to collect as many bike trips as possible. Each community decides individually when the three City Cycling weeks will be.

EASY employees committed to environmental protection

As part of the City Cycling – Cycling together for bicycle traffic, climate protection and quality of life, EASY employees were active participants in increasing the percentage of cyclists in the Ruhr metropolis, practically avoiding carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time doing something good for their own health. During the campaign period they put away scores of bike trips to work and for pleasure. Overall, our colleagues covered an impressive 3,362 kilometers in City Cycling, coming in 14th out of 51 teams in Mülheim. EASY took the national extent of the City Cycling campaign quite literally. Andreas Schumacher started out in Reutte, Austria and covered an athletic 27 kilometers on the Blindsee Trail at an elevation of 2,700 meters, including spectacular views of the serpentines in South Tyrol. It should be noted that this trip wasn’t part of his route to work, but a purely personal bike trip.

At the same time, this competition for promoting climate protection and quality of life is another small but excellent contribution to greater sustainability for EASY SOFTWARE AG. Social and ecological action play an important role in the company strategy of EASY SOFTWARE AG. The software manufacturer from Mülheim proves their commitment to this social responsibility in various ways. Along with employee participation in the City Cycling campaign, EASY cooperates with AfB GmbH and in a variety of social and beneficial projects, such as a sponsorship for disadvantaged elementary school children in the Mülheim district of Eppinghofen. EASY SOFTWARE AG also includes its use of 100% green energy as part of its social and societal commitment.

Background to the City Cycling campaign

City Cycling is a campaign developed from a Nuremberg model by the Climate Alliance, the largest communal network of cities, towns and counties for protecting the global climate, with over 1,700 members in 26 European countries. Mülheim has been part of this network since 1992. City Cycling for climate protection runs through September 30. So far this year, more than 740 communities have climbed on their climate-friendly bikes.

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