Cooperations for Your Success, Part 2: Predictive Maintenance Goes EASY PCM Process2Design

Everybody knows you’re always better on a team. We know it all too well from our cooperations with our partners. And that’s why we’ve also made partnerships in relation to product development, to combine a large number of skills and to be able to offer our partners and customers a broad range of outstanding products and solutions with a finger on the pulse of the times. We’ve already described our collaboration with the company Statworx. Our cooperation with iXLOG Unternehmensberatung GmbH is a good example of how mathematical algorithms can trigger real-life actions.


When Pump Failure Threatens…

Let’s assume we’d programmed a mathematical model for a wind turbine using predictive maintenance which the operator and their service provider could use to recognise impending malfunctions, for instance with the pumps. How, then, would we define specific actions in advance for different scenarios? EASY SOFTWARE works with the company iXLOG, a specialist for SAP based maintenance processes, to be able to generate these kinds of processes. “Anyone who’s ever seen a SAP maintenance screen knows how many fields are on it. Countless. The whole thing is so complex that it scares off 95 percent of users because they just don’t know where to start,” says Christian Gebert from iXLOG.


Relevant Data for Individual Users

He continues: “The service technician gets the same screen as the dispatcher, but they can’t work with it at all. And here’s where EASY PCM Process2Design comes into the picture. It allows for a user-specific reduction of complexity in the individual process steps.” Of course, SAP remains the “single system of truth,” EASY PCM Process2Design “only” maps prior and subsequent processes in the SAP system. In our case, the solution transmits all relevant sensor data for the pump to the wind turbine and transmits it to the SAP system in the SAP HANA Cloud platform. The system determines something isn’t running normally. Then the system sends a trigger to the EASY system in SAP, where it is processed further. The information doesn’t just deal with the impending malfunction, but also other environmental information you need to maintain the pump. This information goes from the dispatcher, who gives the maintenance approval, to the service manager for further processing.


Current Causes Plus History

The manager receives all the information they need to analyse and handle the defect. For example, this might include where the affected pump is and who’s responsible for it. With this information, the manager can send the work project to just the right person. Rules for absences and substitutions can also be set in EASY PCM Process2Design for upcoming tasks. And what’s more important: the service manager also receives the text on the causes of the problem. Based on historical data, the manager knows what could have caused the potential defect, for instance if the pump sucked up a foreign object. The manager knows that if the pump keeps running like this, it will cause damage. With EASY PCM Process2Design, the error message doesn’t have to be sent manually to the responsible individuals; it is sent automatically. This reduces the complexity of sending notifications from the service manager to the technician.


The Perfect Process

The technician, who receives the maintenance order from the service manager, can display the location, enter the address, and see where to park. The technician drives to the pump, determines the pump does need to be cleaned because it’s soiled, takes a photo, writes a short description, and generates the relevant information in the system. As a last step, the service manager checks once again to make sure everything’s done correctly. Since everything is in the SAP system, the accounting department can invoice the power plant operator right away for the maintenance project. The application is very simple, even if the processes behind it can be complex – simply perfect.

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