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Corporate Social Responsibility: EASY goes Green IT

Green IT, i.e. sustained use of IT technology in processes, productivity, energy and resource efficiency covering the entire lifecycle of the technology used, is more than just a buzzword for EASY. This is supported by the cooperation between the EASY Group and AfB gemeinnützige GmbH (AfB Green IT) on recycling used IT hardware. AfB accepts “old” hardware from the EASY Group and will refurbish it or dispose of the hardware in compliance with international IT safety standards.

This cooperation is part of Corporate Social Responsibility to which the EASY Group has increasingly subscribed. “Doing good with used hardware – this concept has entirely convinced us of its usefulness. It is identical to our conceptions of acting ecologically and effectively as an enterprise. To us as a software manufacturer, Green IT is not the only building block, but an important one,” says CEO Thorsten Eska.


Reducing electronic waste, improving the CO2 balance

AfB recycles hardware; it performs certified deletion of existing data and then sells the devices, with a minimum warranty of one year. This ensures that the products come into the hands of new users; AfB breaks defective devices or devices that are too old into their component pieces to obtain spare parts, while the remaining raw materials are sent to certified recycling companies. This allows reducing production of new hardware and electronic waste, as well as raw material consumption and environmental pollution, and improving the CO2 balance.


Social aspects are compelling

All steps at AfB (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung, or Work for Disabled People) are accessible; they are performed by both disabled and non-disabled people together.  Integrating its employees into the labor market and the perspective connected with it are an integral part of the AfB business model. This social aspect of securing education/training or a workplace for disabled people played a major role in EASY’s decision to collaborate with AfB.

“Being an IT company, this partnership alliance is particularly optimal in order to demonstrate social responsibility. AfB provides a sustainable Green IT concept which coherently combines business, social and ecological aspects,” adds Thorsten Eska.


A variety of projects, with a single goal: sustainability

Social and ecological action play a major role within the corporate strategy of EASY SOFTWARE AG The Mülheim-based software manufacturer fulfills this commitment to social responsibility in a variety of ways – now also in the form of Green IT.

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