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DELTA-Fleisch: EASY ENTERPRISE makes mountains of hard copies obsolete

DELTA-Fleisch Handels GmbH of Hamburg, a leading supplier to the hotel and catering industry, selected EASY ENTERPRISE to electronically archive more than 800,000 of its annual outgoing records.  WMD (Workflow Management & Document Consulting) of Ahrensburg near Hamburg was in charge of implementing this project.  The project was implemented within three man-days. Today, it is successfully running in productive mode.

DELTA selected to provide users with the annual volume of more than 800,000 outgoing records in a centrally managed electronic archive to replace previous manual paper filing, a very time-consuming task eating up a lot of space. A total of six corporate locations are additionally integrated in order processing. Implementation of the archiving solution EASY ENTERPRISE.i has brought about a cost-effective, centrally managed document store, which saves a lot of space and can be directly and quickly accessed enterprise-wide, when required. The data is centrally processed in Hamburg; it is accessed from the external locations via terminal servers or Web access.
In the first step of the project, WMD implemented electronic archiving of some 120,000 outgoing invoices and credit notes as well as some 360,000 delivery notes. At DELTA, these records are created from the ERP system WIN AB. Converted to PDF format, they are stored in the ERP system. Through EASY ENTERPRISE integration, all records are available enterprise-wide for search and retrieval.
The second step dealt with the annual volume of some 360,000 outgoing packing slips. Attached with barcodes, packing slips are now scanned, and then processed via EASY CAPTURE. Packing slip data is read and also archived in the EASY system.

The results speak for themselves

Packing slips are scanned via a centralized scan station with the integrated EASY CAPTURE tool.  Additionally, two multi-function devices that also allow scanning delivery notes and packing slips, indexing them directly via EASY CAPTURE and archiving them automatically, are available in the responsible departments.

Torben Klotz, project manager at DELTA-Fleisch, explained: “The results speak for themselves: no more hard copy filing, no more tedious searches for documents or records – now everything can be retrieved from the central and organized archive system EASY ENTERPRISE, conveniently accessed by our users anytime, anywhere. WMD implemented this project efficiently within three days. We have been using the EASY archive solution to our complete satisfaction ever since.Â

About DELTA-Fleisch

DELTA-Fleisch Handels GmbH of Hamburg is a leading supplier to the hotel and catering industry. Its production and distribution sites are located on the site of Hamburg’s abattoir in the center of Hamburg.  Production runs at the highest level, in compliance with the latest EU guidelines. Its endeavors to provide a perfect service, and its constant innovations  have turned DELTA into an efficient partner. Customers will find the freshest meats from all over the world here. Over the years the meat and fish range has been extended with a variety of culinary products, so DELTA is now able to provide a versatile selection of international specialties.

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