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DKV EURO SERVICE: Giving the green light for EASY ENTERPRISE

DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG is the leading service provider on Europe’s roads.  To enable smooth operation in the transportation industry, the Düsseldorf-based company provides an extensive service package ranging from transit services and transparent toll billing right up to truck services. To manage and archive its myriad records, invoices and other business-related documents in SAP, DKV EURO SERVICE selected the comprehensive and GDPdU* compliant document management solution EASY ENTERPRISE.  The extensive project was completed successfully in February 2007; it is the basis for further rollout in the DMS and workflow sectors.

Efficiency, transparency and reliability – these are the maxims DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG uses to present itself as the leading service provider on Europe’s roads.  Today, more than ever, selecting reliable partners and focusing on one’s own strengths as a business are key factors in the transportation industry. The service package that DKV offers its customers covers all essential sectors of elementary significance to successful transportation businesses.
Transit services, guaranteed mobility and optimum payment terms give over 80,000 DKV customers a competitive edge. Unlimited transit services within Europe, avoiding queues at toll stations as well as transparent toll transactions and billing are a significant factor for DVK customers’ vehicles implementing smooth logistic processes.
The extensive and cross-brand network of service stations that is available to DKV customers in over 40 European countries and in North Africa is the basis for these extensive services.
More than 28,000 filling stations accept DKV cards. DKV customers literally fare better with all important ferry, tunnel and toll stations as well: All service transactions are smoothly handled via the DKV card. In addition, DKV EURO SERVICE provides support for its customers in the otherwise tedious process of foreign VAT/sales tax refunding. Add to that a Europe-wide truck service that ensures a great degree of mobility.

Extensive services – Europe-wide

In particular, DKV EURO SERVICE provides a service package for its customers that includes obvious benefits for toll transactions in the different European systems in particular: The DKV bill lets customers see at a glance the amount of the toll factor. The “DKV Toll Manager Professional” software, specifically developed for DKV customers, provides an additional tool for transparent calculation of tolls or evaluations per relation or period insofar as DKV customers require such a tool.
Of course, a business with Europe-wide operations and such an extensive service package needs to process myriads of data, invoices and other documents. That’s why DKV EURO SERVICE eventually selected implementation of a document management system that would not only enable processing the data in SAP in a more modern and structured manner but, above all, that would archive it saving space and in compliance with GDPdU.

Extensive project requirements: a cross-platform solution

Extensive requirements: In addition to revision-proof storage of SAP data and outgoing documents as well as replacing the legacy archive in the filling station records sector, the solution to be deployed needs to integrate with the BIS:PLM Server of SEEBURGER AG for Electronic Data Interchange archiving (EDI). Add to that archiving legacy data from systems hosted by the service provider OEDIV (Oetker Daten- und Informationsverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG) as well as linkage to the EMC Centera storage system.
After reviewing the DMS solutions in question, DKV EURO SERVICE selected EASY ENTERPRISE. The Düsseldorf-based service provider had already been aware of EASY as one of the most successful providers in the market for SAP archiving software. Also, OEDIV had already selected an EASY solution. At the end of the day, however, the modern, cross-platform architecture of the EASY ENTERPRISE.x Archive Server that should enable certified EMC Centera integration, and therefore trouble-free archiving of the huge data volume, was the decisive factor:

about 104,000 outgoing SAP invoices per month (SAP archiving)

about  50,000 incoming/outgoing EDI invoices per month (file server archiving)

ca. 2.1 GB HOST legacy data

about 2 million legacy data items to be migrated (filling station records)

Throughout Europe, some 450 users can access the system. It is accessed both via the browser and via SAP GUI.
*GDPdU = Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen (Basic Regulations for Accessing Data and Auditing Digital Documents)

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