Do it like EASY: Don´t complain, act global

Internationalising a Software Company like EASY? What purpose would it serve?


Planning is Half the Battle

First off, it would certainly save quite a bit of time and money, since all products and their documentation have to be translated into the different national languages, preferably by native speakers. We also need multiple contact persons (salespeople, technicians) in the different countries who can provide customers and partners appropriate support for their technical, linguistic, and cultural contexts. To provide this support, companies have to either be represented by their own national company or by a contractual partner in the country. This really does sound like a lot of work, and definitely requires detailed planning and a truly strategic approach.


Increasing Corporate Potential

However, once you’ve handled all these details internationalising can result in a major expansion of potential for software companies, even in Germany. Supporting an international language like Polish, Slovenian, or Romanian and providing a user interface in these different languages can be a key competitive advantage. In many cases, this is a customer’s most important criteria for deciding for or against a software solution, as many companies have branches in multiple European countries.

Proven in Practice

A few months ago, we at EASY experienced just this situation with a customer. One of our German partners was trying to win business from a company in Germany that operated branches in Poland and Romania. The company was looking for an ECM system that would be installed centrally in Germany and used by all the different branches alike. The solution needed to offer a user interface not only German, but also in Polish and Romanian.

When the partner contacted us, we were able to speak with our own partners in the two countries and have the web client translated within a day. Our partners could show the customer the feature they’d requested and secure their business. The other providers simply weren’t able to compete, at least not as quickly as the customer wanted.

The result: The customer decided to go with the EASY DMS. In my opinion, this case shows very clearly that internationalisation has a positive effect domestically as well, and can even strengthen our business within our own country. In this vein: Let’s continue internationalisation!

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