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Do you find blogs fun?

Yes, at EASY we do. Perhaps you too? Good, then simply take a close look at our corporate blog. Here every week you can find new articles – covering of course all aspects of “our” core topics such as ECM, workflow and document intensive processes, but also topics “related” to other branches of industry, technical developments, current political guidelines and, of course, everything on and about the EASY SOFTWARE group itself.


Of course it is also about business, but not only and always that. For our blog should not only inform you but also entertain you and occasionally give you a look “behind the scenes” – for example, by reporting the daily activities of our sales and distribution colleagues.


And we will admit it. This format is for us at EASY also (as yet) unknown territory, but that makes it particularly appealing and exciting. The issues of dynamism and change currently play a central role at EASY SOFTWARE AG, and will surely also continue to do so for the next few years at least. So we are working to get better in many different aspects and to get closer to our customers, partners and stakeholders: first of all of course with our solutions, but also with many other ideas and plans in order to provide you with information and to further intensify our interchanges with you.


As part of achieving these objectives there is, for example, this newsletter, in which we provide you with interesting topics and information condensed for future use. Some other ideas have already been implemented, others are currently being eagerly worked upon, and then there are those ideas which are still at this time “at the stage of being envisioned”. But in order to put “flesh on the bones” immediately at this point: you can find out more about what is involved in detail and what the EASY SOFTWARE group has planned (with you in mind) for the future – for example in the EASY newsletter, and of course in the EASY blog. In this we would like to recommend to you today an article on the subject of secure archiving.

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