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EASY CAPTURE PLUS – More than digitizing documents

Mülheim (Germany), February 24, 2011 – With its EASY CAPTURE PLUS product suite, EASY SOFTWARE is revolutionizing its tried and tested EASY CAPTURE software. In addition to its scan and extraction function, this latest generation software convinces through its seamless integration with Microsoft Office products as well as through supporting the standardized print functionality of any Windows application.
In many organizations more than 100,000 incoming documents accumulate per year which, during subsequent processing, cause high demands for efficiency and structure. The new EASY CAPTURE PLUS module is the innovative product from EASY SOFTWARE; it processes these mountains of documents.
Using EASY CAPTURE PLUS, the innovative high performance scanner solution for bulk data acquisition of hard-copy documents, you process incoming documents within the shortest possible time, and pass them on to your ECM system, sorted and structured. High-performance capable document capture is the basis for all other procedures within a modern electronic document management system.
The new product boasts a strongly uniform configuration base that facilitates central management of EASY CAPTURE PLUS components and opens up extensive options for integrated document capture. This allows capturing Microsoft Office documents directly and in a process-related manner. In addition, the option to direct documents to the EASY system via the print operation is available. Indexing and storage structures, once configured, can be shared by multiple components. Thus the extensive options of individual components are merged into a product suite that, owing to modern interface structures, high levels of scalability, rapid distribution, and various efficiency-boosting qualities, greatly improves the ROI value and supports international orientation. Moreover, the modern interfaces and an open EASY CAPTURE PLUS export interface guarantee reliable integration of external systems into the processing chain.
The new EASY CAPTURE PLUS product will be available from the third quarter of 2011.

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