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12. August 2015 13:31

EASY ECM: Integration is the key to more simplicity


The new EASY ECM has a clear goal: simplicity in all areas. It’s easier than ever for EASY ECM users to record, classify, store, and transfer documents to their ERP system, and design, archive and research workflows. But EASY partners and their consultants benefit too: they can install, set up, expand and administer the complete suite quickly and smoothly.


Modules work hand in hand

How can this be realized? Through a high degree of integration. All modules work together like clockwork – synchronised and reliable. This is seen for example on the new Client: The central control unit is based on HTML5 and is mobile capable. First of all, viewing is completely native and does not require Java applets. From the home screen, you simply log on and can work in a clearly laid out, gadget-based dashboard. Here you can create folder structures for filing scenarios, generate new processes or look at index entries in the detail view with metadata.


Workflows with a few clicks

Here, files are simply added manually or processed using EASY Capture as mass scan. The EASY Capture Scan Client automatically accepts EASY Client’s index fields. Easier than ever, the user also arranges documents of a company on file and transfers the process seamlessly to EASY Workflow. Directly from Capture, the next editor can select and generate an order, which is displayed immediately in EASY Client. With a few clicks, the operation is then stored in the archive.


Support easier than ever

So much for the user side. But there is more: For concentrating on a few products allows consultants and EASY partners to make projects more transparent and improve support. After all: the fewer the modules, the simpler the system; the fewer the interfaces, the clearer, more transparent and thus more administrable the solution. Especially as EASY ECM places great emphasis on standards and best practices. Thus, the installation package already includes proven basic configurations that can be adapted easily to meet individual customer needs. Finally, the EASY ECM with its Business Packages is particularly user friendly for booking additional individual features or capabilities.


The new EASY ECM has a clear goal: simplicity in all areas – of course this also applies to version 15.1 which is already available to partners as a pre-release.


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