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EASY ECM: now even easier – even the price list.

Developing the EASY ECM wasn’t just a technical challenge. We had a clear mandate when it came to marketing as well: we had to develop a new price list. A price list that reflected the simplicity of the EASY ECM. Or, as Matthias Höfelmeyer, Partner Coach in Sales for EASY marketing, put it: “a price list you can leave sitting on your client’s table. The client just has to open it up to find out what kind of investment he has to make for a particular project.”


Geared towards your needs…

We had a lot to do before we got to that point. The basic structure of our old price list was five years old. To create its successor, we needed to analyse the market, engage in intense discussions with partners, and dialog with clients to find out how they imagined constructing their IT landscapes. The result was that EASY modernized our licensing model, doing away with single- and multi-user models. No matter whether it’s for archiving or DMS: there’s just one single client.


Transparent costs and just-in-time purchasing

Above all, a price list needs to meet the needs of clients. That’s why EASY integrated individual workflows, so that each client can purchase or cancel digital processes as needed, or just in time. It was also clear to us that if EASY ECM works with modules and solutions, the price list needs to reflect this. That’s why it has multiple access points – besides solutions and mail, there is another access for completely customized projects. Here, users can calculate a pure archive project, if needed adding individual users or additional functionalities. EASY clients could add ERP integration and interfaces to Microsoft products, for instance, or even EASY invoice.


Business packages for every company size

Another new feature are the Business Packages. They are based on a “typical shopping basket” for a new customer. EASY realized that clients were experiencing growth in the form of more documents they needed to capture, more users, and/or more workflows. That’s why EASY put together small, medium, large and corporate Business Packages. Each of these packages includes an archive, a specific capture volume, and a specific number of users and workflows. One important change: now, there are no restrictions when it comes to volume or users. Adding extra capacity is no problem at all.


Effective Date: September 30th

Starting in October, 2015 EASY will only take orders based on the new pricing model. Until then, both the old and new price lists will be valid. Of course, our recommendation is clear: you should work with the new list. It makes starting out in document management easier than ever before, and highly attractive even for small businesses. It also creates transparent costs, so clients can reliably calculate today for what they’ll need tomorrow. A great basis for perfectly planning your upcoming project.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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