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EASY ECM: Simplicity and customer benefits set the standard


Our world is becoming ever more complex and more technical. The relentless march of digitalisation is evident in every aspect of our lives, bringing with it new tools that make life easier. Cars, for example, offer a raft of assistants these days, handling such things as parking, keeping you in the right lane, maintaining a good distance from the vehicle in front, spotting when you are getting tired and automatically keeping the windscreen free of rain. But the undisputed benchmark is set by mobile phone apps. They are intuitive, simple and very user-friendly. Intelligent solutions, in particular, make users’ lives easier and support a whole range of working processes.


The app as a role model

Customers are also looking for the simplicity of an app in the solutions from EASY SOFTWARE AG. They expect a high level of benefits and tools that will help them work together efficiently and that will deliver optimum support for their processes. And that is why EASY has given a high priority to creating a significant improvement in software ergonomics and usability during the development of the EASY ECM that was showcased at the Partner Information Day in January.


Leaner portfolio, higher flexibility

And there’s more. EASY is streamlining its entire portfolio, with the aim of achieving more clarity. Up until now, the price list has contained more than 300 items. This number should become significantly smaller in the medium term. Fewer clients and less duplication of development –in return, more transparency and optimum inter-connectivity between all products, whether they come from EASY or established third-party suppliers. This will benefit partners, customers and, ultimately, every user equally. In addition to user-friendliness and efficiency, everyone involved will profit from faster and less complex implementation, integration and administration.


One function – one solution

The recently presented EASY ECM is the best example of this ground-breaking simplicity. It is the embodiment of the slogan “One function – one solution”. Each function that a powerful ECM application should offer users is handled by its own forward-looking and efficient EASY solution.


End-to-end simplicity

Communication also reflects this new simplicity. This starts with products that do what it says on the box, with product names that tell you what you can expect. Simplicity and transparency have characterised the whole market launch of  EASY ECM and it is already the basis of the redesigned EASY online presence at In short: There is a new kid on the block delivering simplicity and usability in document and workflow management and archiving. And the kid is called EASY ECM.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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