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EASY ECM Suite: Efficient working in the networked world


Anyone developing a product like the new ECM Suite would do well to listen to their customers. EASY did this and used the discussions to create three requirements, which the EASY ECM Suite fulfils: simplicity, co-operation and networking.

Simplicity – this is a given; after all, apps have been demonstrating how complex requirements can be managed with intuitive and clear interfaces for years. “Keep it simple” – this is the new mantra in the software world. It stands for efficient working.

Ideal co-operation is the second cornerstone of the EASY ECM Suite. In this era of globalisation and virtualisation, the formation of teams at workplaces is becoming rarer and rarer. Companies and their departments are increasingly distributed across several locations, and processes are arranged across borders. It is a situation that EASY, as well as many other companies in almost every industry, knows only too well: Our members of staff are distributed across several locations in Germany and abroad; they work in offices, from home or whilst on the move. The place of work is becoming less and less important. More decisive is that the right people have the right access to the data and documents at the right time. The ECM Suite allows you to work as location-independent as the modern working world demands. It lays the foundations for directing flows of information to the right channels – so that people can work together, wherever they happen to be.

A similar process is also taking place at the technical level, and this forms the third cornerstone of the EASY ECM Suite. The keyword here is the holistic ECM concept. Island solutions are no longer in demand; instead it is an interplay of systems and the optimum dovetailing of all processes that conditions market success. This is especially clear when it comes to the invoicing process, such as with EASY INVOICE: It affects email systems as much as the ERP system, the workflow, document management and the archive.

In summary: The individual modules of the EASY ECM Suite are easy to use, easy to install and easy to manage. They allow users to work together efficiently, wherever they are in the world. The underlying technology has been designed to dovetail perfectly, with the result that all systems work together seamlessly. For efficient working in a networked world.


EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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