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EASY in use at the Theo Mueller business group

The right ideas at the right time, a keen sense for market development, and a constant flair for innovation have made the Theo Mueller business group an ultra-modern and extremely successful company throughout Europe. It was therefore a logical step for them to rely on the market-leading DMS solution EASY ENTERPRISE for the acquisition, archiving, and retrieval of incoming invoices. Seven years ago, the Theo Mueller business group implemented EASY ENTERPRISE for the acquisition, archiving, and retrieval of incoming invoices. This was followed by implementation of EASY CAPTURE and EASY DOCUMENTS. Now Theo Mueller archives its e-mails using EASY xBASE.

The beginnings of the Theo Mueller business group go back to 1896, when Ludwig Mueller founded a small village dairy in Aretsried. Even today, more than 100 years later, the headquarters of the Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG business groups are in the place where it all started. There, the valuable raw material milk is refined into high quality products.Today, the Theo Mueller business group has a large number of subsidiaries which are strong, independent brands. The Mueller brand, now known throughout Europe, forms the core of the business group. The product portfolio is rounded off with the “premium selection” of the Weihenstephan brand, the large range of milk and dairy products from Sachsenmilch, and the sour milk cheeses from the Loose cheese dairy.

“Everything Mueller, or what?”

The group currently has five production locations for fresh dairy products, processed fruit, and plastic mugs, as well as sales offices in Spain and Italy. Their own logistics business and a service company for the transport fleet ensure glitch-free distribution. Together with its other subsidiaries in four European countries, the business group has around 5,340 employees. In order to stay organizationally abreast of this development into a multifaceted and international player in the dairy industry in recent years, the business group Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a holding company in 2003.

More growth – more records

Because of the continuous growth of the company and the associated increase in the amount of documents, the Theo Mueller business group decided on a project to digitally process and archive incoming invoices in December 2004; after all, invoice processing is a time-consuming and thus cost-intensive business process; if this is handled electronically, many options for process optimization and cost reduction become available.Â

More process optimization through EASY solutions

The constant expansion of the Theo Mueller business group made the creation of a separate IT department, with divisions in various business locations, absolutely necessary. A decentralized computer center for local applications and a centralized computer center for SAP now ensure that the industry giant has state-of-the-art technology in the IT sector and can provide maximum support for business processes. Various factors prompted the company to take action regarding the modernization of its e-mail management. One of these reasons included legal aspects. Today, for instance, GDPdU-compliant e-mail management today has become an absolute necessity. Mueller also wanted to counteract the reduction of the load on the Microsoft Exchange database caused by for the great e-mail flood by additionally resolving existing PST files as well as preventing their re-creation. Having been using EASY ENTERPRISE successfully for several years, choosing the new software from the EASY product suite was a logical step. And so EASY xBASE was selected. The requirements for the new system were previously defined clearly: inbound and outbound e-mails should in future be archived, depending on the send and receive date. In addition to archiving PST files, English language documentation should be offered both to administrators and users. EASY xBASE includes all these features.

Brief installation and satisfied users

After a brief planning phase, the experts from PART, integration and implementation partner of EASY SOFTWARE, were able to install EASY xBASE on-site. Particularly from the point of view of the Mueller business group, PART delivered the crucial added value for the EASY xBASE project. Resulting from a cooperation of more than eight years that far exceeds archive applications, each new project allows saving more time. Thus, the tasks performed in a complex corporate structure took less than four days to complete. Each additional location installation was complete within a day, much to the satisfaction of all those involved. This helped reduce the load on the Microsoft Exchange database by 40 percent.
Helmuth Binder, Manager of IT infrastructure at Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG, commented on the e-mail archiving  solution EASY xBASE:”The deployment of EASY xBASE provides optimum e-mail storage and retrieval requirements in the business group. In my capacity as IT manager, I particularly appreciate the fact that the constant stress factor of ‘My mailbox has reached its limit’ is now a thing of the past, the data volume has been dramatically reduced, and backing up our mail servers has become significantly faster.The EASY xBASE system additionally enables us to meet the legally required GDPdU standards.”

Mueller’s future belongs to EASY solutions

Resulting from the positive experience with the successfully deployed EASY solutions, the Theo Mueller business group is already planning the installation of other EASY solutions: “We want to roll out our implementation. The next possible step is the file server archiving solution EASY xSTORE.”

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