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EASY PCM Material Management: Wonderful world of master data

EASY PCM Material Management is now available for you. This solution significantly simplifies the creation of new material master data.


Individual and intuitive

The interface can be adapted smoothly and individually to the users’ business-specific requirements. For one thing, users can only see the fields that are actually needed. This is an advantage for casual SAP users who find the complex SAP interface confusing, but it also increases efficiency for seasoned users. Moreover, the role-based interfaces allow you to easily implement internal company standards and, thanks to input validations, enhance the data quality.


Structured management

EASY PCM Material Management structures and coordinates the process of material master data creation. This lowers the coordination effort to a great extent, and decreases the error rate enormously. The structure of the creation process not only contributes to the process transparency in real time, but also taps the optimization potential in cross-department collaboration. Moreover, the solution reduces lead times and facilitates efficient time management.


No more duplicates

Using EASY PCM Material Management, we support the creation of plant-specific material views that can be automated in parts. Thanks to the duplicate check, the solution prevents you from creating the same material multiple times with new material numbers in SAP.

We hope you will enjoy EASY PCM Material Management.

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