EASY DMS – Free-from bugs

Around a month ago, we informed you that we found that there were some faults with EASY DMS Version 5.0e (Build #2100). When using the invoice plugin (Gentable) some users experienced problems when transferring to certain ERP systems.

We’ve fixed this bug. Most importantly, we now have a bug-free EASY DMS / Workflow (Documents) version, but we also used the opportunity to issue an installation package with all available new versions – in particular a new EASY Archive service release – with the ECM Platform Setup.

Microsoft support ends – Need for action for EASY xBase

On 1/14/2020, Microsoft will discontinue the Extended Support of the Microsoft Exchange Servers 2010 Service Pack 3. The Mainstream Support already ended on 1/13/2015.

Customers using the EASY xBase server must take care as this fully supports the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. In order to avoid any incidents occurring during a migration, we recommend that you take the compatibility of the EASY xBase server into consideration.

You can find more information in the Extranet.

New price list available

The new EASY SOFTWARE AG price list came into effect on April 1st 2019. You can read through our complete portfolio with the relevant information displayed in a compact and clear way in a central list – which is of course available in two languages (German/English).

By clicking on a product, you’ll be shown more detailed information about it, including article text and, provided that it is relevant, clarification about the price list. The new price list provides maximum cost transparency so that you, our partner, can make accurate calculations.

Please remember that all previous price lists are now no longer valid.

You can find the list here in the EASY extranet.

Reliable Auditing: EASY Archive 6.2 and EASY Archive Smart 6.2 successfully certified

The independent auditing firm PKF Fasselt Schlage successfully carried out the audit of the invoice and tax-related functions of the EASY Archive 6.2 Service Release 2 and EASY Archive Smart 6.2 Service Release 2 archive software at EASY SOFTWARE AG.

You can find more information about this in our EASY Newsroom.

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