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EASY SOFTWARE provides a powerful Cloud and online service suite

The digital transformation is continuing apace in all industries and company sectors. Cloud services are also on board this advancement – as a promising addition to the traditional on-premises model. The new Cloud and online service suite from EASY SOFTWARE AG offers considerable savings potentials and significantly greater flexibility.

According to recent studies, three out of every four companies already use the Cloud, or are in the process of implementing the Cloud. Where there used to be reservations in terms of security, data protection and availability, or fears about the complexity of the integration process, the table has now turned. The infrastructures that are required to be able to provide secure Cloud services are now available. At the same time, the cost pressures on IT budgets are leading to the benefits of the Cloud being placed more and more in the spotlight.

Cloud-based services with considerable benefits

Solutions from the Cloud bring companies substantial advantages. The majority of IT costs are usage-based and arise from operating costs; there are no costs for direct investment in hardware. Less internal know-how is required. Thus Cloud services considerably reduce the TCO expenditure. At the same time, companies become more agile as a result: Cloud solutions are available quickly and can be scaled just as fast. It is even possible to use applications or modules for just a limited period of time. Finally, web-based clients offer intuitive and easy operation.


EASY SOFTWARE provides solutions from the Cloud for the first time

With the introduction of the new EASY ECM, EASY SOFTWARE AG is expanding its portfolio to include a cloud and online service suite for the very first time. It provides solutions and services, and incorporates the management of services and data. EASY is following three business models here, which the software manufacturer will be introducing on a successive basis from 2015. The Business Cloud Partner Services from EASY will soon be commencing. They will see EASY partners providing the Cloud services from the EASY product range for their customers. Enterprise Archive for SAP and Exchange will both be available, as will Enterprise Document Workflow and the Smart Record Archive Suite – all via certified platforms.

Later in the year, EASY will also rollout its portfolio via the Strategic Cloud Partner Alliances: This step will see the Mülheim company distribute its ECM platform via the marketplaces of strategic partners. Archive for Salesforce and EASY Archive for Microsoft and for SAP are in the pipeline. Then, in 2016, EASY Global Cloud Services based on the new EASY ECM – and with the digital records, a HR suite, an invoicing solution and the EASY Smart Archive and the new EASY ECM – will follow.

“We will be relying on a hybrid Cloud strategy. Our Cloud products will not fully represent the complete EASY portfolio – instead they will complement the classic on-premises business with new online services”, explains Gerald Rüdiger, who is responsible for the Cloud at EASY SOFTWARE AG. “Our solutions from the Cloud are particularly interesting for customers who want a solution that they can implement quickly; who are looking to reduce the cost of their own hardware; and who want a flexible approach to licences and applications.”

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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