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EASY WORLD 2017: A universe of customer solutions

Infinity as an eye-catcher… a countdown appeared on three screens at once in the Stadthalle Mülheim: 3-2-1-0 – and liftoff. The journey into the universe has begun. Planets drift by among the stardust. But one thing above all is clearly “visible”: infinite space. Boundless digitization – the concept reminds us of the unlimited depths of space. This metaphor put the approximately 400 guests of EASY WORLD 2017 right in the middle of events. On September 13-14, customers and partners, interested parties, employees, and family and friends met in Mülheim/Ruhr to exchange ideas on the challenges and solutions of the digital transformation. This year’s theme was “Off to new worlds – the future before our eyes.”


EASY is a partner in digitization.

In his keynote, EASY CEO Willy Cremers emphasized that EASY, with their four product suites, has developed a comprehensive offer and successfully established it in the market. “With this modern architecture, EASY continues to intensify its transformation from technology vendor or infrastructure supplier to a solution provider and an important partner in digitization,” said Cremers.


Supplement, not substitute

In order to be able to offer solutions which are future-proof and a safe investment, EASY works according to the motto “Supplement, not substitute.” Specifically this means that the company’s four product suites do not replace one another; they all stand alone and can be partially combined and used complementarily. Future new solutions from EASY can be integrated in a similar fashion. At the same time, EASY is continually developing supplementary solutions and services.


EASY Cloud Platform launched

The latest news: Willy Cremers officially released the EASY Cloud Platform during EASY WORLD 2017. It integrates existing infrastructures with the help of native Cloud applications and interfaces, connecting people, processes, and systems. The simple idea behind this is to offer people what they require in everyday business life: easy, mobile solutions anywhere using Cloud services.

To achieve this, the platform provides standard applications and interfaces that integrate highly diverse business applications and systems. The EASY Cloud Platform relies on so-called Software Development Kits (SDKs). With their help, individual native Cloud applications for almost all end devices, browsers and systems can be provided promptly. In their entirety, the Cloud applications are thus able to map business processes completely.


The Invictus project

Cremers also announced a new family of applications, the family of Invictus services, under the project name Invictus. “Just as with SPIRIT three years ago, we are investing here in a new world of information management for automating business processes,” said Cremers. He invited guests at EASY WORLD to take part in Invictus, because, “Those who participate early can also enjoy the benefits early.” The offers originating in the Invictus project are based on the EASY Cloud Platform. They allow further supplements and new solutions. EASY expects to be able to bring the first products from the project to the market as early as spring of 2018.


Welcome to the Innovation Lounge

Another new feature was the EASY Innovation Lounge. There, visitors and EASY strategy experts Thomas Cziesla and Gottfried Oster shared their thoughts on current and coming trends in digitization in the business world. One of many topics was megatrends. A subject that is more exciting than ever for EASY, because from now on, beyond, the EASY strategy consulting, will support companies in their digital transformation. Many interesting discussions made it clear that there are numerous reasons for choosing an active strategy. The most important argument is that the implementation of digitization is disruptive, and irreversible.

Many more innovations in dialogs and studios

Visitors also learned about numerous innovations in the four suites through dialog and studio sessions over the one-and-a-half days of EASY WORLD – including the fact that the PCM Suite offers extensive mobile functions and also fully supports the new interface standards from SAP. Furthermore, in the service area, EASY is working on intelligent assistants, which will simplify the operation and support of EASY products effectively. The concept of ECM has long been too narrow for EASY. Rather, the company works on solutions for modern information management – albeit still under the umbrella of the EASY ECM.


Technical expertise AND entertainment

Besides a wealth of specialist information and vivid discussions, there was also plenty of “classic” entertainment at EASY WORLD this year. Various small show events such as dancing, a laser show, or a poetry slam served as “appetizers” before the presentations. Neuroscientist Dr. Henning Beck delivered a funny and interesting lecture on the mechanisms of the human brain. A live band always provided the right groove next to the main stage and, of course, there was the big traditional evening event on the first night. Once again, EASY WORLD proved to be a festival for the senses with a clear message: Opt for EASY and you will definitely be prepared for the challenges of digitization in the long term.

You will find a detailed review of the large amount of specialist information featured at EASY WORLD 2017 in our newsletter in the coming weeks.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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