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EASY WORLD 2018 – compact in one day

Dieter Weißhaar – Evolution, not Revolution

Our new CEO Dieter Weißhaar presented the EASY 21 strategy for the first time at EASY WORLD 2018. The theme for the coming years is “Evolution, not Revolution”: EASY ensures investment protection by integrating customers’ existing systems into new solutions. Other points of the EASY 21 strategy are internationalization and expansion of cloud solutions. Andreas Schneider, Jens-Peter Hess and Marcel Rosenbaum of EASY also presented the roadmap and new products. A common core statement was that EASY will offer all solutions on-premises, as cloud versions, or in hybrid scenarios to its customers.

You can hear the entire keynote speech in the video!

Marcel Rosenbaum – Stumbling blocks on the path to digitization

“It will never be as slow again as it is today,” said Marcel Rosenbaum, Managing Director of EASY ENTERPRISE SERVICES GmbH. Companies will have to adjust to this during the digitization process, and find ways of shaping digital change in a useful and successful manner. Marcel Rosenbaum identifies four stumbling blocks on the path to digitization: people themselves, too much complexity on digitization projects, missing interfaces, and the fact that companies want to do too much themselves rather than efficiently manage competencies. In his keynote speech, Marcel Rosenbaum also offers actual solutions on how to successfully digitize without those stumbling blocks. Learn more in the video!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam – Blockchain Technologie

Blockchain technology is on everyone’s lips. Yet it is hardly ever thematically penetrated. In her keynote, Professor Katarina Adam of the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (College of Technology and Business) in Berlin, Germany explained how Blockchain technology works and what specific benefits this megatrend will give companies. Once written in the blockchain, information is irreversible and completely comprehensible. This would result in the greatest advantage of the technology by replacing trust with transparency on the network. For example, it can be used to create contracts – e.g. Smart Contract. What other use cases are there and when can the technology be used outside of Bitcoin and Co.? You can find out from Katarina Adam in the video!

EASY WORLD 2018 – Get an impression

Felix Plötz – Digitization without Bullshit-Bingo

In his refreshing presentation, bestselling author and entrepreneur Felix Plötz encouraged all EASY WORLD guests to show more courage when it comes to digitization. Companies are frequently engaged in too much talk, but tend to act less. Here, the digital company offers employees an opportunity to make their work more useful and flexible. For the path to a digital company, the potential of the employees is the breeding ground for innovative ability. His recommendation is to simply do it, giving your employees freedom and putting your trust in them.

Bernhard Klein and Stefan Schmidt – A/P Automation: How the XCerra Group Digitized Its Invoice Management Thanks to the EASY Cloud Platform

Bernhard Klein of Xcerra Corporation was a customer voice at EASY WORLD 2018. Together with Stefan Schmidt of EASY SOFTWARE AG, he reported on the hands-on experience of an international project with EASY. The task was to find a company-wide solution for A/P automation (automated incoming invoice processing), which provides simple connectivity to different ERP systems and is easily adaptable to different local requirements. The recipe for the success of this international project can be found in the video!

Panel discussion – Digital, but EASY: State-of-the-art digitization

Big Bang or better step by step? How should companies proceed with digital change? What does the status quo look like and what initial lessons can companies learn from digital change that has taken place so far? Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG, Jens-Peter Hess, Head of Business Unit PCM at EASY, Professor Katarina Adam, Bernhard Klein of XCerra Corporation, and Ata Abdavi of IFS Deutschland GmbH were talking about this in the panel discussion. Immerse yourself now and get inspired – find out more in the video!

Das EASY WORLD Café - together with our partners

In the EASY WORLD Café, ten of our partners joined us in a deep exchange with the guests and presented processes, solutions and demos for the digitization of business processes.

“I am enthusiastic about the product presentations. I have a good idea of where EASY and its partners want to go and what the vision is”. (Guest at EASY WORLD 2018)

We would like to thank our partners for their active participation and that they helped to make EASY WORLD 2018 a great and interesting experience for all our guests. Only together can we make our customers stronger.

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