It’s almost that time again: time for EASY WORLD 2019. We warmly invite you to the home of EASY SOFTWARE, in the peaceful town of Mülheim. On September 11th and 12th, you’ll be able to find out how quick and easy digitalization can be in Mülheim town hall. With our partner package, we want to encourage you to take part in EASY WORLD 2019 – there’s more information about this in the article.

Exciting: Since the end of last year, Apinauten GmbH has been part of our EASY group. Experience exclusive showcases of the ApiOmat multi-experience platform.

What’s waiting for you at EASY WORLD 2019?

“Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday”: With this quote, Steve Jobs expresses exactly what makes digital transformation. Nowadays, it’s characterized by constant change with a high rate of innovation. But at EASY WORLD, we take the opportunity to have a quick break and think about what’s really important: The people that use our solutions, and the people behind the software. Together with us, you give the IT sector a face.

Keynotes, networking and professional exchanges

The event is a platform for networking and exchanging with our customers and partners in a festive atmosphere. As such, we have organized the first day so that you also have time to think up new ideas inspired by the exciting content. External and internal speakers, as well as panel discussions, case studies and interactive sessions will give you some inspiration for the future of digital business processes, as well as an insight into the further development of the partnership with EASY SOFTWARE.

As well as having ample time for discussions with fellow professionals, there will also be plenty of opportunity for you to have fun. Spend an enjoyable evening listening to music and tasting some great food with your colleagues and friends.

Invest in a relationship and discuss with customers, interested people and other partners.

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Exhibiting in the EASY WORLD Café – Partner package

In the EASY WORLD Café, our “In-house trade fair”, you have the opportunity to work with us and to present to an audience of customers, interested people and other partners. We’ll provide you with the stands that you need for this. It’s not about short-terms collaborations, but more about building long-term relationships. The smaller the range, the more decisive the target group is. Invest in a relationship, discuss with customers, interested people and other partners and use the opportunity to get direct feedback and talk about new products and developments in the industry. Benefit from a joint creative process by letting the needs of the customers and experiences with the product influence your product development and by speeding up the exchange of knowledge for solution development.

Basic information about the partner package

Each participant will receive a stand with a monitor so that the solutions can be shown live. The EASY WORLD agenda is structured in such a way, that there is plenty of time to visit the EASY WORLD Café and for in-depth discussions between exhibitors and visitors.
What are the advantages?

  • You can present your solutions to visitors
  • It boosts your own marketing activities: the participants are included in all event communications sent out by EASY
  • You can create new contacts and business opportunities
  • You will receive an invitation package with e-mail communication and a signature banner

You can find more information about registration and costs in the extranet.

New: Digital Factory

The second day focuses on technology. The “Digital Factory”. This time, we also invite interested customers so that they can really get their teeth stuck into the new developments. The event will offer exciting challenges, networking and attractive prices. Which IT solutions have come about to drive companies forward? We’re looking forward to hearing innovative ideas from IT fans, idealists, techies and anyone that enjoys technological challenges. This year, the event will cover the development of prototypes, as well as customizing and writing scripts and code in ECM, SAP and ApiOmat. See how quickly innovations and new business models can be implemented with the ApiOmat multi-experience platform. Breaks are important as they allow you to clear your mind. As such we’ll try to inspire you with short breakout sessions.

In addition, we offer a workshop, including a certificate, entitled “From product to the all-round solution advisor”. Key notes: Digitalization offers lots of great opportunities.

The Digital Factory is the best location for this. With free food and an exciting atmosphere, it’s a great platform for informal, professional and personal discussions. We round off the day with a delicious barbecue in the evening.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to EASY WORLD 2019!

Come to EASY WORLD 2019!

On 11 and 12 September 2019, EASY WORLD, the leading event for the digitalization of business processes, will take place at the Stadthalle in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Make a note of the date or register now!

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