ECM is a hot topic and looks set to stay that way

As expected, cloud computing (64%), IT security (61%) and big data analytics (48%) ranked the highest in BITKOM’s annual trend survey. The Internet of Things came in at fourth place with 42%.


Significant potential for efficiency

EASY offers fitting solutions for three of the Top Ten industry topics, namely mobile computing, enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management. This is no surprise, because a great deal of efficiency potential is still going to waste in German companies, particularly when it comes to searching for and archiving paper documents. It seems as if many of those surveyed now want to address these issues.


The Fraunhofer Institute investigates the success factors of ECM

Keyword ECM: The Fraunhofer IAO has started an online survey to determine the status quo and to identify the success factors of ECM. It is aimed at all companies that have implemented at least one ECM application and it is divided into the topics: “Existing ECM usage in the company”, “ECM strategy”, “Organisational environment” and the “Business value” of the ECM system. The results of the survey should be incorporated in a study. According to the Fraunhofer IAO, it takes about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire and the survey runs until the end of April 2015. Any company that is interested can take part in the survey here and will be entitled to receive of free-of-charge copy of the study upon request.


Making sure to choose the right partner

It will be very interesting to see the results of the survey and the “success factors” that are identified by it. However, the most important success factor when it comes to the implementation and operation of ECM is obvious, namely an efficient and reliable implementation partner.

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