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For Schultze & Braun, EASY xBASE is “the perfect choice”

“Consulting with a long-term vision” – this is the maxim used to campaign for the extensive consulting services that Schultze & Braun GmbH provides. The group operates in a sector with a high volume of legal content and e-mails subject to retention, which is why, keeping in mind the same long-term vision for revision-proof archiving and intelligent management of electronic correspondence, it selected EASY xBASE.

The consulting firm Schultze & Braun GmbH has evolved from a tax consulting firm established in 1949 in Achern (Baden), Germany. Now, almost 60 years later, it has become a group that employs a staff of more than 450. Lawyers, tax consultants and auditors provide their services for clients throughout Germany from here.
Today, its services not only include general legal and tax consulting, but also redevelopment consulting and insolvency management. The range of services extends from creating annual statements and employment law consulting right up to drafting expert statements on questions of redeveloping businesses and managing corporate insolvencies.

Secure archiving of legal information

Against the backdrop of ever-tightening tax legislation, Schultze & Braun is faced with an increasing amount of business-critical and legal information in its everyday work. However, the increased data volume is accompanied by an equally increasing disorganized structure: searching for specific contents in the electronic mailbox takes an ever-increasing amount of time, and structured storage of information becomes increasingly more difficult.
Torsten Bross, computer scientist and project leader responsible for e-mail archiving at Schultze & Braun GmbH, still visualized the initial situation:  “By the time the lawyers from the other side presented us with an ever-increasing number of printed e-mails as evidence, we realized the time had come to invest in electronic e-mail archiving.”

EASY selected from 25 software makers

So Schultze & Braun was screening the market searching for a suitable solution. After studying various professional journals and searching the Internet for a couple of hours, they eventually sent a list of questions and requirements to 25 suitable software makers. After some providers did not reply and still others only inefficiently met the specific requirements in their proposals, only five software makers were left on the shortlist, which Torsten Bross and his colleague scrutinized closely in personal talks at CeBIT 2005.
EASY appeared to be a sensible solution, not only in terms of its competence and product performance, but above all in terms of a direct price comparison. So Schultze & Braun eventually selected EASY xBASE to deploy a standard product that combines revision-proof storage and e-mail management with a comprehensive concept for enterprise-wide information management. An intelligent e-mail management tool, EASY xBASE is additionally integrated directly into Outlook Exchange; with its revision-proof storage, it ensures a maximum of legal security.

Easy training – optimized processes

After the week-long implementation of the project, it soon turned out during the training phase that the employees did not have any difficulty in leveraging EASY xBASE, particularly because EASY xBASE allows users to work in their native Microsoft Outlook interface – without requiring expensive training and software installation at the workstation.Â
The convenient full text search engine enables retrieving all information in mere seconds, including the contents of attached files. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches for important e-mails from specific business partners.
Torsten Bross estimates that some 150 GB of data is transferred to the database per year via the 450-odd mailboxes of the employees. However, EASY xBASE can easily handle such a data volume; after all, the archiving solution is designed to handle production-volume data, providing a mailbox of almost unlimited size.
Thus, Torsten Bross concludes on a positive note: “With EASY xBASE we selected an efficient tool for cost-reducing acceleration of processes. Three days for installation, and two-day training for administrators – and that’s it. The e-mail archiving solution has been in trouble-free operation with us for over a year. EASY was simply the right choice.”

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