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Have What Nobody Else Does: EASY nextPCM Contract Management and Personnel File

ECM solutions that are fully integrated into SAP make work easier, and not just for SAP users: They also create transparency, ensure compliance and quality, and help lower costs. Just as in so many areas of life, the details make the difference between a good solution, and the best solution – this is clear when we look at the example of EASY nextPCM Contract Management and the digital personnel file.


More Added Value

After all, both applications offer features that other solutions just can’t keep up with. This means they do more than just ensure legal, process, and revision security in contract and personnel management. They aren’t just satisfied with improving the internal flow of information, or with making processes and risks more visible. They go beyond just optimising quality assurance and cost transparency within your company.


Thinking Ahead on Contract Management and Personnel Files

Take EASY nextPCM Contract Management for instance, which offers digital contract management. It can lower corporate expenses by up to two percent per year, remind employees about contracts and deadlines, capture and evaluate contractual risks, record data in a structured manner, archive documents while ensuring legal compliance, and make documents available to employees based on their authorisations. It’s clear: features like links to other SAP objects such as materials management (SAP MM), financial accounting (SAP FI), or controlling (SAP CO) provide a clear boost of added value. The same is true for opportunities to expand into adjacent processes, such as strategic supplier management or corporate investment management. Another special feature is that nextPCM Contract Management will be out with a new look in the near future, based on SAP Fiori. This will make the user experience uniform across mobile and stationary devices, and will allow it to be custom tailored to specific user roles.


Check Lists for Activity Controlling

Taking a look at the EASY nextPCM Process2Go Personnel File, we can see it offers similar benefits. Of course, you can file documents in a structured way. It also offers flexible scenarios to input documents, easy document and e-mail uploads via drag and drop, an authorisation system, and much more.  The solution also provides features that are more rare on the market, such as check lists for activity controlling – check lists for onboarding processes are already included as a standard feature. File sharing is another special function, as are automatic checks for file completeness, access via the SAP web portal and mobile solutions, or file blocking. Furthermore, nextPCM Personnel File can also be used in conjunction with SuccessFactors, creating a connection across system boundaries.


Unparalleled Features

Examples include: EASY recognizes the needs of the user in the SAP environment. EASY understands your processes. And, above all: EASY is always focused on using the solutions we offer to provide as many answers as possible to questions that concern our users. We do all this using functions that guarantee added efficiency and security – and that are unparalleled in comparison to our direct competitors.

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