Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC

22 - 24 October | Singapore EXPO | German Pavilion

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC

Asia-Pacific’s driving exchange event for Industry 4.0 is the HANNOVER MESSE event “Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC”! The leading trade fair creates a common environment for manufacturers, government agencies & a business sector from multinational corporations (MNC) to small and medium companys (SMEs) to shape and support their transformation activities.

The International Partner, Deutsche Messe organised with the help of SingEx Exhibitions the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC in 2019, which is supported by the Singapore government agencies such as the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*Star), Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Economic Development Board Singapore (EDB), JTC Corporation and Singapore Tourism Board (STB).



18,000 attendees
from 55 countries

350 exhibitors
from 30 countries

30% c-suite

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC Comes to an End

Our week in Singapore has been full of great and interesting people, valuable business connections as well as the most exciting revelatory news about cutting-edge digital technology.

Not only did we gain lots of indispensable knowledge about the future of Industry 4.0, we also forged new bonds with world experts in technology and strengthened existing ties to our partners in the APAC region.

Whether you joined us at the fair in Singapore or via this international live blog, we were glad to share our journey with you. We hope you are just as excited for the next big event and the next opportunity to broaden our digital horizons as we are!

Dieter Weißhaar Interview on Radio Money FM 89.3

In his interview with Radio Money FM 89.3, Singapore’s first radio station for business and personal finance, Dieter Weißhaar talks about how to align digitization programs with enterprise strategies.

It is all about taking one step at a time and tackling digitization not as an IT project, but as a fundamental evolution of the entire business.

Learn how a platform that integrates into existing systems can help with that by streamling and improving business processes.

EASY's efforts for internalization and diversity

Our attendance at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC is another vital part of the recent EASY SOFTWARE growth strategy EASY 21. This strategy does not only entail internationalization in sales through partners and new subsidiaries, but also diversity among our employees and stakeholders. A diverse team grants wider success.

Meet Lisa Skelnik, EASY’s Head of Corporate Communication, at our booth to learn more about the goals and recent successes of our growth strategy EASY 21 as well as our programs for sustainability.

A Unique Opportunity for Enterprises in the Pacific Area

Dennis Teo from Waypoint Consulting tells EASY SOFTWARE about what makes Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC such a great opportunity for technological exchange – especially for medium to small enterprises.

Learn in this interview what makes the Pacific market such an exciting factor in today’s digital industry.

Get exclusive insights into the smart factories of the future!

Some of the leading thinkers of Industry 4.0 gather this week at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC in Singapur. Their combined efforts are focused on helping factories and manufacturers by automating their complex processes. A big part of reaching this ambitious goal is the creation and provision of revolutionary artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems.

Visit Raymond Liu from EASY SOFTWARE at our booth at the German Pavillon Hall 2, 2E01 and learn how EASY supports manufacturers by optimizing their predictions on maintenance requirements and smart manufacturing. Get exclusive insights into the smart factories of the future!

With the Multi Experience Platform, digital business models can be created quickly and easily.

What skills do companies need today to be sustainably successful in digital transformation? It’s these five: Rapid Prototyping or Low Code Develeopment, Multi Experience, Adaptive Integration – i.e. the decoupled integration of Legacy and NewTech, IT Governance for scalable operations and finally Analytics, so that you always know how the new services are used by your stakeholders, whether in external or internal processes. The multi experience platform EASY ApiOmat is the backend as a service that delivers all these five capabilities. With EASY ApiOmat, your company can quickly and easily create digital services for your customers. Rapid prototyping with Mobile Studios significantly shortens the time from business idea to market entry. Multi Experience means support on all frontend channels via Smart SDK’s – and that in turn is an improved user experience. Experience the EASY ApiOmat platform live with us at the EASY SOFTWARE booth, German Pavilion Hall 2, 2E01.

To read more, we recommend the Crisp study, which gives you insights and concrete recommendations for planning and using low-code development platforms.

Internationalization through Partners

We are very proud to be at the Industrial Transformation in Singapore together with our partner Datamation. The Datamation Group is a leading IT consulting and solutions provider and has been an EASY SOFTWARE partner since 2011. Datamation is committed to helping companies in Asia realize their greatest potential by developing business solutions that are best for businesses.

A major part of EASY’s recent company strategy EASY 21 is internationalization through partners. EASY SOFTWARE aims to double its Asian partner network in order to cover more major APAC countries (China, India, Indonesia, Phillippines, Australia and South Korea). The goal is to serve local customers more directly as well as to enhance awareness for EASY as a global player and trustworthy partner in the APAC region. The knowhow and expertise of EASY’s Asian partners are especially valuable for EASY’s future endeavors.

Meet us and our colleagues from Datamation at our EASY SOFTWARE booth at the German Pavilion Hall 2, 2E01.

Process optimization in industry 4.0

Production and logistics processes are to be networked more and more closely and intelligently. Material master data is at the heart of this process. Our software solution EASY Material Management for SAP Solutions runs directly in SAP and uses the SAP Business Workflow to eliminate the manual coordination effort.

Industry 4.0 is all about mastering complex processes and designing them efficiently. The material master data has an important function here: If it is not clean, the procurement process, production or delivery to the customer, for example, comes to a halt. Good reasons to optimize your master data management.

Find out what the future of automated production could look like in our free white paper.

Armed for the future with Experience Management

At our booth at EASY SOFTWARE, German Pavillon Hall 2, 2E01, Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE, explains what Experience Management is about and shows how simple you can measure and evaluate data.

Experience Management - What does this mean for companies?

According to the SAP subsidiary Qualtrics, which has developed an experience management platform, next year, customer experience will replace price and product features as the most important differentiator in the competition between companies. What does this mean for companies?

In order to remain successful, companies need to know what their customers want. And it’s not just customer benefit that is gaining importance. The focus becomes wider and now also includes consideration of the experience of employees and suppliers. With Experience Management, i.e. the measurement, analysis and evaluation of real-time experiences of your stakeholders, you get a 360 degree view of your entire supply chain.

Together with the German auditing company KPMG, we also took a look at how 400 companies in Central Europe are already using XM today. The result: there is a lot of catching up to do here! Download the free study now and read all the results.

Experience Management

The Golden Rules for Success in Experience Management

For optimal results in Experience Management, your company needs to know the expectations and needs of your different stakeholders. However, this does not entail putting your stakeholders’ expectations in front of your entrepreneurial or economic interests. Instead, you should focus on building an awareness for your entire company’s dedication to the cause – from management to trainees. While pursuing your stakeholders’ interests, you should not only focus on what they need today but on what they will need on the future. By spotting trends early, you will be able to adapt as quickly as possible.

To reach that goal, it is vital to combine your insights of X and O data for truly reliable forecasts and insights. Remember that stakeholder satisfaction can never be measured in precise numbers. However, you should make use of quantifiable metrics whenever possible. In combination with systems that keep you up to date in real-time, this approach will yield the ideal results.

If you want to learn more about experience management, visit our experts at our booth 2E01 or just contact us.

Increase efficieny of digital processes

The Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2019 fair is the go-to spot to get all-encompassing information on Industry 4.0. This entails unique opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge about the newest trends in intelligent manufacturing, predictive maintenance or the implementation of IoT devices.

Meet EASY’s Travis Marsh at the EASY SOFTWARE booth, German Pavillon Hall 2, 2E01, to gather first-hand information on how manufacturers are implementing digital processes to increase their efficiency.

More power with SAP certified add-ons

Our EASY expert for SAP applications, Antonio Del Negro, will present you with the right solution for your company. Visit Antonio at our booth in the German Pavilion Hall 2, 2E01. Come and see us.

Digital Business Processes with Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

EASY provides a powerful, flexible and scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for large, medium and small enterprises that transforms their enterprise information and digital archiving into an enterprise resource.

Become faster and more efficient with more process security. We make the benefits of digitizing business processes transparent and efficient right from the start.

EASY stands for software solutions for digital business processes, be it on-premise, hybrid or cloud solutions. We take a consultative approach and work with customers across all industries to provide advice and expertise and make informed decisions. Experience our solutions for personnel processes, document management, procurement processes and archiving in the cloud.

Why should you visit Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC?

Bernice Goh from EASY SOFTWARE partner Datamation gives us her impressions from Industrial Transformation in Singapur. The fair is a great opportunity to get closer to the people and products that will define tomorrow’s digital landscape.

Welcome to Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC!

EASY SOFTWARE has been active in the Asian market since 2007. Since then, EASY has not only established a local support business in Singapore, but also a partner network in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan.

Internationalization through partners is an integral part of the current EASY 21 growth strategy, which is why EASY is striving to double its Asia-Pacific partner network.

The participation in the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC, one of the largest trade fairs for digitization in this region, is a further step along this path.

Visit us at our booth and find out more about a powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, SAP applications and the multi experience platform ApiOmat.

We are looking forward to welcoming you today at our booth in the German Pavilion Hall 2, 2E01!


Enterprise Content Management

EASY offers a powerful, flexible and scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for large companies as well as medium-sized and small businesses, that transforms your corporate information and digital archiving into a business resource. Become faster and more efficient with more process security.


SAP Add-ons

EASY refines your SAP applications and allows integrated digital, optimized and automated processes with add-ons. You will reduce complexity and become more efficient. Experience digitalization easily and quickly with EASY for SAP.


ApiOmat The Multi-Experience Platform

Build and iterate on digital products and services faster with the EASY ApiOmat platform. By using ApiOmat, organisations can build rapid prototypes in days and deliver enterprise-grade digital services for any frontend device from mobile and web apps, to chatbots and augmented/virtual reality headsets.


In Cooperation with our Partner
Datamation Group

Datamation Group helps enterprises across many industries with customized IT Solutions to reach their full potential. As a leading IT consulting and solutions provider, Datamation develops solutions for business processes, which match the customers’ needs. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company is currently active worldwide, with offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.



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Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC

22 - 24 October 2019

Singapore EXPO

German Pavilion

Hall 2 | Booth No. 2E01

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