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Kampffmeyer Mühle: Greater efficiency and transparency through automated invoice processing

Germany’s largest mill company Kampffmeyer GmbH, which has been storing its inbound and outbound documents securely in an EASY ENTERPRISE archive since as early as 2006, is now comprehensively extending the solution: Kampffmeyer assigned its longtime IT solution partner CTO Balzuweit KG to replace its previously paper-bound processing tool with a tool for automatic document reading and archiving.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Kampffmeyer Mühlen GmbH is a complete subsidiary of VK Mühlen AG, and Europe’s largest group of mills. Under the VK Mühlen AG umbrella, a total of 17 companies are concentrated into a successful network with operations throughout Europe, specializing in developing and manufacturing top-quality and individual grain flour produce.
As early as 2006, the Group selected the archive solution EASY ENTERPRISE and the Stuttgart-based document management specialist CTO Balzuweit KG to implement the archive.  In the first project phase, EASY ENTERPRISE replaced the legacy archive, a document management system from DCW. Inbound and outbound documents are archived via the DCW/EASY interface, jointly developed by DCW and CTO. A special feature of this interface is direct retrieval from the DCW accounting system, an application based on IBM AS/400.
Other business management processes are now being optimized enterprise-wide in 2009. Thus, the previous paper-based invoice processing tool is to be replaced with an automatic document reading tool via smart OCR recognition including electronic workflow. “With this new tool, we expect an increase in our efficiency and, above all, optimized transparency of verification flows,” comments Andreas Krause, head of the group’s Accounting department and project leader.  Workflow management is to accelerate the invoice verification processes and to reduce document processing times. Processes could then be completed on the same day.
The constant transparency and consistency of the process, guaranteed by the workflow, allows the responsible departments to have an overview of the respective processing status at all times, and to access the documents at any time. Due to the electronic process control, the value and approval provisions are complied with in accordance with the signature provisions, and archived along with the documents. At the end of the day, all this is to increase the quality of work as well.
This project will be implemented in 2009.

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