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Könen Tiefkühl-Service keeps it cool with EASY xBASE

Könen Tiefkühl-Service (KTS) was established by Willy and Maria Könen on September 16, 1930. During the early years of the business, the focus was on storing, commissioning and delivering fresh foods. In the early 1960s, the focus shifted to frozen foods. Through its experience, the business developed its competency in storing, assembling, commissioning and delivering its products throughout Germany using its own deep-freeze vehicles.

With its headquarters at the conveniently situated location Willich am Niederrhein, Germany, the business has deep-freeze facilities with a total volume of 60,000m³ and a capacity of about 8,500 pallets. KTS operations predominantly cover the food, wholesale and retail trade sectors. To ensure its extensive services, qualified employees provide these services 24 hours a day.  Its annual commissioning service covering 225,000 pallets underlines the efficiency of Könen Tiefkühl-Service GmbH.
To serve its industrial customers, KTS takes on annual storage, assembly, commissioning and distribution of foods throughout Germany. Distribution vehicles, city trailers and long-distance trains ensure flexible delivery. KTS has a fleet covering a total of 30 deep-freeze vehicles. KTS is an interim storage facility for frozen foods for both industry and commerce.  To keep the deep-freeze chain ensured, all vehicles have electronic temperature records; maintaining constant temperatures of -23°C to ensure secure product storage.

Electronic archiving in 1992

This quality claim applies to the entire business; and it applies as much to its IT facilities as it does to the topic of archiving.  In 1992, the paper volume was so great that the business had to consider ways of dealing with delivery notes, order forms and empties forms. The business selected the then still existing Spanish archive system solution, under DOS provided by EASY SOFTWARE, for traditional archiving of these records. Since, however, that system was unable to meet the company’s requirements; the newly developed EASY ARCHIVE was deployed. Intense cooperation between KTS and EASY SOFTWARE made the archive solution fit to meet everyday requirements. So KTS was a pioneer in terms of deploying the EASY ARCHIVE system that later became so successful – today, it is using its current version 3.51.
A business with international operations, KTS provides extensive services which, along with normal business transactions, include a great volume of e-mails subject to retention.  Since the business wanted to migrate from traditional POP3 mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange 2003, this provided the opportunity to link that project to EASY xBASE. EASY xBASE is a solution for archiving e-mails and their electronic file attachments from Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange.

A simple and easy-to-use tool

EASY xBASE is a simple and easy-to-use module that enables archiving e-mails from the Exchange Server and storing them in a revision-proof manner.   Additionally, the convenient full text search engine enables retrieval of contents in mere seconds,” explains Swen Brüssel, IT system administrator at KTS. During the entire project, KTS was also able to benefit from the strong partnership alliance between the IT consulting and service provider go-net consulting & solution GmbH of Dortmund and EASY SOFTWARE.
Marcus Jahnke, project leader at go-net, was extremely satisfied. “In cooperation with EASY, this project had absolutely no problems at Könen.  The fact that we installed the Exchange environment also proved to be an advantage.  This enabled us to install the e-mail archiving solution EASY xBASE on an optimized platform.” Mr. Brüssel of KTS can only confirm this overall positive impression, he comments: “We found competent partners in EASY SOFTWARE and go-net consulting & solution GmbH. The EASY ENTERPRISE 3.51 project, EASY xBASE and Exchange implementation in 2003 are an example of how well cooperation with both partners works.”
The longtime deployment of the archiving solution illustrates constant satisfaction with the EASY solution at KTS. So it was not difficult to select EASY xBASE for e-mail archiving. For the future, KTS has archive and e-mail archiving extensions at the back of its mind.

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