Lisa Skelnik in charge of corporate communications at EASY SOFTWARE Group

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  • Filling a key position from within the company’s own ranks
  • Enhancement of internal and external corporate communications
  • Communication as an important driver of the corporate strategy EASY 21

On March 1, 2019, Lisa Skelnik was appointed Head of Corporate Communications for the EASY SOFTWARE Group.
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Her work will focus on the development and management of internal and external corporate communications with a view to implementing the EASY 21 corporate strategy. In addition to the integration of Apinauten GmbH and the economic development of the EASY Group, the EASY 21 strategy and positioning in growth areas will continue to be EASY’s communications focus this year.

With this newly created position, Lisa Skelnik will restructure EASY SOFTWARE’s corporate communications and sharpen EASY’s profile with its target groups. In the future, investors and shareholders will be informed even more directly about developments relevant to the capital market and the latest news about the EASY SOFTWARE Group.

“In the past, corporate communications at EASY did not have the status it deserves,” says Dieter Weißhaar, “I am pleased that we were able to fill the position with qualified staff from our own ranks. With regard to our EASY 21 strategy, I see Lisa Skelnik with her know-how as the ideal candidate for this important position in an international environment as well.”


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For 30 years, Essen-based EASY SOFTWARE has been developing intuitive, customized software products for customers to digitize business processes, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and automate, mobilize, and optimize their customers' workflows worldwide. EASY provides these solutions on-premises and cloud-native.

With over 13,600 cross-industry installations, EASY SOFTWARE is one of the market leaders for ECM, DMS and P2P solutions in German-speaking countries. Since its foundation in 1990, EASY SOFTWARE has been active in 60 countries. The company has a network of around 100 partners. Its international subsidiaries are located in Europe, Asia and the USA.