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Mobile Work: Using Opportunities and Advantages

Ideally, employees and employers would have an equal interest in facilitating mobile work. More and more people are demanding that their employers give them the ability to move freely and participate in company processes on the go. Digitisation is changing processes, as we all know, along with our own workflows and framework conditions. However, this certainly doesn’t mean you need to be available around the clock. That should go without saying.


Study: Mobile Work Saves Time

However, it often doesn’t. That was the conclusion, at least, of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Foundation for Improving Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound). In a joint study, they found that the trend towards mobile work has both positive and negative sides. Positive: Most of those surveyed indicated mobile work helps them save time and makes them more autonomous. The authors also found that fewer cars were on the roads and that employees were significantly more motivated.


The flipside is – and we probably didn’t need a scientific study to find this out – that being constantly accessible produces stress. In addition, according to the authors of the study, mobile work can often lead to longer work days.


Clarifying Three Central Questions: What, When, and How Much

OK – so we’ve got to regulate mobile work. There needs to be a differentiation between working at home and mobile work, such as access to e-mails and workflows. Wherever current labour laws aren’t sufficient, social partners and the legislature might need to step in and provide guidance. Since the percentage of mobile work in Germany is still significantly below the average for Europe, we here at home are in the lucky position of being able to define rules in advance.


One thing is clear: This trend will continue. And mobile solutions like those offered by EASY clearly show that handling mobile work in a smart and user-friendly way can significantly relieve colleagues who are working on the go. What ILO and Eurofound ultimately wrote as the conclusion to their study makes sense: Overall, the opportunities and advantages of mobile work outweigh the downsides. All we have to do is take advantage of them.

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