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New Demo Environment for EASY Applications (Formerly ESP Demo)

Starting now, a new version of our proven demo environment is available for EASY applications (known as ESP Demo). It contains updated versions of EASY HR, EASY Contract, EASY Invoice, EASY Capture Plus and EASY Client, EASY DMS, as well as EASY Workflow. In addition, it also includes a beta version of EASY Archive Smart.

Since it was first provided, the ESP Demo has developed into a basic and highly popular instrument for sales and advising for many partners, and has received lots of attention and praise from users.


Various Presentation Scenarios, Documentation, Demo Data

The demo environment includes a variety of presentation scenarios, and documentation provides information on examples and demo data, as well as important notes on application.

This means the ESP Demo once again provides an outstanding basis for working with EASY products, as well as for preparing and holding sales presentations and workshops.

Certified EASY partners will find the download of the new demo environment in the EASY extranet, in each product box for the products EASY ECM Suite, EASY Archive, EASY Client, EASY DMS, EASY Workflow, EASY Invoice, EASY Contract or EASY HR.

We wish you lots of fun and success with the new EASY demo environment.

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