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New User Experience with SAP Fiori and nextPCM

Over the last few years, digital usage behaviours have undergone some fundamental changes. Growing mobility and easy to operate apps in the consumer market are increasingly having an effect on corporate applications as well. This means that more and more SAP users are complaining about old-fashioned SAP interfaces. So-called Generation Y, especially, has no patience for entering keyboard commands in the SAP (SAP GUI) graphic user interface, which uses a functional – rather than intuitive – set up.


Apps are the Answer…

Fiori is SAP’s answer to these new demands. SAP Fiori is a series of apps developed for the SAP Business Suite for executing simple application transactions on mobile devices or on the web and completing SAP transactions – and are designed specifically to satisfy occasional users. No training or specialised SAP knowledge is required to operate the apps. Today, hundreds of apps are already available for a variety of areas, such as Finances, Sales, or Human Resources.


…Including Apps from and for EASY nextPCM

In addition to the apps provided by SAP, EASY nextPCM offers additional apps for a large number of applications, such as for approving agreements or authorising references. The Fiori Launchpad serves as a centralised informational platform for users. It displays all available Fiori apps – both SAP standard apps and EASY nextPCM apps – as tiles in an easy to understand format. ESS / MSS scenarios can also be integrated here.

The role-based display reduces the information users see to the most important points, resulting in improved user acceptance. Mobile access ensures faster approvals within a process, especially while supervisors are travelling. These kinds of tools help make streamlined, easy to operate business applications a reality.

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