Alternative Cloud: Storage expenditure increases by 50 percent

If companies want to avoid capitulating under the immense increase in data, they should look to the Cloud. For the costs of data storage have increased by 50 percent in the past five years for companies with over 500 employees. This has recently been confirmed by a study.

Mobile applications, social networks, the implementation of digitalisation strategies, big data – all of these developments are producing more and more data. The results: growing insecurity and the constant pressure to expand storage capacity. According to Techconsult, companies are currently adjusting their resources up to four times a year. Not so long ago two expansions per year were fully sufficient.

Large quantities of unutilised and unstructured data

According to the study, this trend is set to continue. Companies with over 250 PC workstations will have a 13 percent higher storage requirement than in the previous year. Companies with over 1,000 PCs spend around 500,000 EUR per year on storage alone. Then there is the fact that the constant need to react prevents the development of a long-term storage strategy. But it is urgently required: 47 percent of companies store the majority of their data in an unstructured way, and this data is only rarely used. It shouldn’t be blocking any resources.

The Cloud as a solution

The people behind the study see one solution to the problem in Cloud storage – whether we are talking about backups or archive data – here data can be stored outside of the company. Hybrid Cloud memory is especially suited for storing data.

What the study doesn’t say: The new EASY ECM Suite from the Cloud offers diverse options for the storage of data in the Cloud – for example for data from SAP or Exchange. Or from the EASY Document Workflow and the company’s internal contract archive. Contact the EASY sales team for more information.

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