Forty four per cent of UK CEOs say that “resistance to change” by their staff is the biggest challenge that they face when adopting Electronic Document Management (EDM).

The figure was just one of several findings revealed in a survey of CEOs by EASY Software UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions.  The respondents, all EASY Software customers who have been using document management technologies for two years or more, came from organisations across a range of industries in the UK, including financial services, manufacturing, logistics and local government.

Out of the 44%, 32% said “resistance to change by users” was the single biggest challenge, with a further 12% saying “resistance to change by the management team” was the issue.

The survey also showed that the Finance Department was most likely to kick-start investment in EDM (52%), followed by Operations/Manufacturing (26%) and the IT Department (20%); while “reducing reliance on paper” was the top reason given (20%) for adopting EDM, followed by reducing storage (16%) and improving information sharing (15%).

Some of the comments included:

“Less storage space [is] now needed for paper files. We have installed an automated system where archiving now just ‘happens’!”


“We have seen several advantages since deploying EASY Search. But the biggest is the ability for users all around the company to retrieve documents at ease without moving from their desk!”

Howard Frear, sales & marketing director at EASY Software UK says:

“We were quite surprised that resistance to change is still the biggest factor that organisations face when adopting document management solutions.  But it does show that the industry as a whole has a lot more work to do in educating people about the benefits and allaying their fears.

“Organisations with compliance, legal and disaster recovery issues will reap huge rewards, while users themselves will save a lot of time and space and ultimately be freed up to do more interesting and challenging work.

“Of course, change can sometimes be disruptive and stressful, but we have 11,000 satisfied customers worldwide who have successfully taken the plunge and now can’t imagine life without it.”

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