You’ve surely noticed it! With the ever increasing price of petrol and constantly rising personnel costs, field service technicians are leaving a bigger hole in your wallet each year. This is understandably frustrating, but the real problem is that field service technicians are all too often regarded as an additional cost centre. Nevertheless, they do actually directly contribute to profits. A profitable field service can certainly be put into practice through effective customer and route planning, sophisticated time management and optimised interaction with the internal sales team. However, you need to begin by analysing your business processes and then optimising them.

Consulting and analysis

Whether you are looking for better communication, effective time management or more revenue per customer, we can offer you in-depth analysis and consultation on your way to a successful digital future.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to how you can use well-chosen tools to optimise your field service, use a sustainable strategy to increase your company’s brand value, utilise your existing resources more efficiently, and identify and exploit business opportunities.

With our five tips you will manage your success, reduce costs and facilitate the work of your employees. After all, efficient and successful work also leads to a greater volume of sales by your field service and higher levels of satisfaction for employees and customers.

1. Your Brand - Show What Your Company Is Worth!

What should be the first thing that occurs to your customers and partners when they think of your company? What do your field service technicians do better than the technicians of other companies? In which areas can they still improve?

These questions are only rarely asked across industries, although they are crucial for your company’s productivity. Your response to this serves as a good starting point for further action and will help you to develop a customer-specific strategy, stand out from the competition and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Because no matter which specific capacity your field worker faces the customer in, they will be perceived as a direct reflection of your company.

Because no matter which specific capacity your field worker faces the customer in, they will be perceived as a direct reflection of your company.

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2. Your Work - Quality Deserves Payment!

Nothing on the market is free and good services are certainly no different. If you deliver the service to your customers, you will probably have to save on the quality of the provided services and ultimately pay for the additional costs yourself.

Every field service should therefore be invoiced or included in a contract. Having a service contract is the easiest and quickest way to set up rules for collaboration, but it’s important to stick to them. When a contract expires, don’t forget to renew it in time to avoid problems.Service requests, service contracts, technical spreadsheets, checklists, customer details – all the information accumulates quickly. In case of doubt, the service employee unfortunately does not carry the most important documents with them.

Paper documents are also easily lost in the depths of an office cabinet – a paperless operation makes sense in order to maintain a good overview. A big advantage is that electronic contracts are easily accessible to all parties involved – whether it’s the technical support department, the supervisor, the accounting department, the sales department or the customer. They can be easily searched for and do not require you to drive to the office. With an appropriate master customer database, which can be accessed by all participants on the go, you can now prevent your field service from working in vain. This digital solution supports the service technician not only with the customer request, but also with the availability check, delivery and payment. The result: a fast, efficient customer service.


3. Your Tools - Give Your Field Service Technicians What They Need

Since the sector is mobile, it goes without saying that mobile solutions are the obvious choice. Special service apps help your employees to decisively prevent problems and solve challenges. The possibilities of an app are diverse. For example, if you provide your employees with a suitable alternative for their mobile devices, they are able keep an eye on the traffic situation or use the geolocation and can react quickly to a new service request.

While they work for the customer in the field, your technicians can use the app to work with their colleagues in a team, communicate solutions, exchange expertise and access the service history. Offers and invoices can also be customised on site and sent to headquarters in real time to accelerate the invoicing process.


Your Business Opportunity - Focus on the Customer

As much as automation supports your field service, excellent customer service and a talent for interpersonal skills are indispensable and should always be part of the job description for your field service technicians. They will be able to make good use of these qualities in the field.

Take advantage, for example, of the close customer contact that your field service technicians have and convince your customers with the right, attractive, additional offers at the right time. Perhaps your customer is already using a product or service that can be combined perfectly with one of your other products? Or do your employees know from other customers that another product is often ordered with this offer and can therefore suggest it?

Train your employees to recognise such business opportunities within the framework of existing contact points and situations. Help them to offer cross-selling and upselling of products, which, in turn, will increase the profit per customer.

Service technicians with expertise, a friendly manner and professionalism are the ambassadors of your business and your best salespeople. Make it easy for them to sell instantly and spontaneously with mobile service applications that enable appropriate offers and electronic signatures on site. With the right tools to adequately support your work, you can make your field service profitable in no time at all.


Your Time - Optimise the Schedule of Your Field Service Technicians

The job of your field service technicians is to solve the customer’s problem as quickly and effectively as possible. The emphasis here is on speed, because not only do customers want their problems solved quickly, but all appointments must be met on time. If you are running behind schedule with the first appointment, it then complicates the following appointments. That’s why the top priority of a profitable field service is a well-thought-out design of a functional schedule for your employees before they get into their vehicle for the first time.

Why? According to the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, service technicians drive approximately 50,000 kilometres per year. However, they are only paid for the hours they spend on site! The logical first step for more profit is less time in the car and more time face-to-face with the customer. The second step is ensuring that the service starts and ends on time. Punctuality is not only decisive for profit, but also for customer satisfaction, because nobody likes waiting around for the service technician to arrive.

With the introduction of a service app you give your technicians a tool that brings order and system into their daily work.

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Both travel time and punctuality should be kept in mind when organising your service plan. In addition, you should constantly look for ways to improve to make the most of your employees’ time. However, this setup can quickly get out of hand, especially if you have a large customer base and many service requests per day. A software designed especially for service requests can create a quick remedy here. You can flexibly adjust the first time fix rate, optimise the service call and the associated working hours and improve the customer experience – all in one app! By introducing such software, your technicians now have a tool at hand which brings immediate structure to their daily work and provides many business benefits for your company.

We’ve done some research into the seven most important advantages of mobile field service apps. In this blog post, we will show you how your company can reap the benefits of such apps for field service employees.

Each Service Call Is a Business Opportunity

Managing field service technicians is a complex task. However, it can also be simpler and more cost-effective than you thought it would be.

Whether it’s concretely through the upselling of new products or the excellent performance of your employees, which is worthy of a recommendation from the customer, every service call is actually a way to generate additional revenue for your business. Use intelligent software to develop a sophisticated strategy that adds real value and turns your field service into a profit centre in no time at all.


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