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A Recipe for ECM: Beating Viruses at Their Own Game

So far, 2017 has meant extra shifts for doctors and hospitals: The flu has had Germany firmly in its grip for weeks now – a more severe wave of the illness than the country has seen in years. Over 40,000 cases of the flu have been recorded with untold unreported cases, and no real end is (yet) in sight. This is no reason to panic, especially if you can call in sick feeling secure in the knowledge that your colleagues will be able to access all the important data they need.

Of course, that might sound simpler than it often is: Even today, many companies still face too many cases where one employee has a monopoly over certain types of knowledge, or cases where employee substitutions aren’t effectively defined. And if these issues are compounded by processes that are still based on paper workflows and housed in different personal filing cabinets – well, we may as well just pull the covers over our heads. Companies facing such issues may as well be trying to choose between cholera and the plague …

Diagnosis: Cholera and the Plague

The cholera option: Your sick employee drags themselves to the office and risks infecting several of their colleagues. At least this gives the division manager a day to think about how they’re going to fill in for all those sick and absent employees tomorrow …

The plague option: Your sick employee stays at home and leaves their workstation, and all their open tasks, to someone else. But let’s be honest: most of us are only all too aware that in these days of growing customer requirements and faster communication methods, it’s usually tough enough to keep your own desk clean, let alone try to manage someone else’s. This might work in some cases, but it’s not the only way …


What’s the Antidote? Enterprise Content Management

Of course, it’s much easier for one employee to take on another’s duties for the day if they have access to digital files and workflows that create transparency. These features allow anyone with the right authorization to quickly find the information they need, even if they aren’t familiar with the process.

Here’s the bad news for employers who don’t yet have such systems in place: Even a quick to implement enterprise content management system like the EASY ECM  can’t simply be introduced over night. That means you’re too late to fight this wave of the flu. But if you do face the problem head on soon – who knows? Perhaps the next time a virus attacks, you’ll be able to sit back and relax, even if it does knock out a number of your employees. You decide…

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