In times of increasing competition for employees, human resources management needs to be positioned strategically. One possible first step for this is to enhance the existing SAP SuccessFactors system with a DMS in the Cloud, since documents are scattered in SuccessFactors. The add-on, the digital EASY Employee File for SAP SuccessFactors, bundles documents centrally and creates a 360° view of employees.

Hide and seek in the human resources department

Personnel documents enter SAP SuccessFactors in three different ways: either from external sources such as application documents located in the Recruitment module, as documents such as letters of reference are created internally by HR employees – often in Office applications – or they are generated directly from SAP SuccessFactors, for example performance reviews in the Performance module. If there is no electronic personnel file in SAP, the various documents are scattered in the individual SuccessFactors modules or even in other applications and diverse email inboxes. In addition, there is the media disruption between paper files and SAP SuccessFactors in the HR Management department. This leads to extended search times, and transcription errors are possible. If documents and data of this type are distributed in a decentralized way, HR employees will have problems finding information, bundling it and properly protecting it from unauthorized access – think GDPR.

Free Trial: Test the digital Employee File for 14 days

Start your free trial now! As a SAP user, you can test the EASY Employee File for SuccessFactors for 14 days without obligation. Register now and enjoy the benefits!

Clever in the Cloud with the electronic employee file SAP SuccessFactors

The introduction of a seamlessly integrated, central electronic personnel file in SAP SuccessFactors simplifies work in the HR department by centrally bundling documents from SuccessFactors modules, applications such as email, and centrally bundles and reproduces PDF files or scanned documents. HR managers can find relevant documents in the electronic personnel file and receive a 360° view of an employee. HR employees have the ability to digitally evaluate documents across all electronic personnel files in SAP SuccessFactors, thus ensuring completeness and data consistency.

Automated authorization – farewell shadow files

Using the SAP SuccessFactors authorization system, HR employees can control access to the electronic personnel file according to target group. Thus, HR administration and premium calculation access different areas of the file, but supervisors and employees (ESS/MSS) are able to view their authorized personnel files in SAP and document types at any time, without having to copy them or send them by mail – which prevents the formation of shadow files. Background processes and defined rules for the electronic personnel file in SAP ensure that HR automatically complies with deletion deadlines and receives reminders about files, therefore maintaining legal requirements – that way, compliance risks and data security violations are minimized.

Digital Employee File for SAP SuccessFactors: everyone benefits

The electronic personnel file, fully integrated into SAP SuccessFactors, forms the basis for efficiency in human resources management and creates room for modern HR that can evaluate data with no trouble, saves time through digital processes and therefore can devote more time to strategic development.
Last but not least, the employees in the company benefit from lean personnel processes and efficient HR management. After all, satisfied employees contribute to business success.

Certified Solution for the SAP Cloud Platform

The EASY Employee File for SAP SuccessFactors is certified by SAP and is build on the SAP Cloud Platform. In this way, we ensure seamless integration into your SAP system and guarantee consistently high quality in the SAP ecosystem. At the same time, this means that implementation times are shortened, customer integration costs can be reduced, and our solution supports our customers’ SAP IT strategy. You can read more about the benefits of SAP certification for the cloud platform in the SAP App Center.



Along with the EASY Employee File for SAP SuccessFactors for the Cloud Platform, EASY also offers an electronic personnel file in on-premises and hybrid versions. You can find more information on the electronic personnel file for SAP systems on our website.

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Start your trial for EASY Employee File for SAP SuccessFactors 14 days for free!

 You have now the opportunity to test our digital Employeel File for SAP SuccessFactors for 14 days free of charge and without obligation. Let the functionalities convince you and register now for the free trial period!

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