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28. May 2019 17:13

Collaborative Work & Document Management

By Thorsten Schmidt

New features in the upcoming EASY DMS – working together plus digital signature

It’s a certainty: a DMS improves and supports business processes considerably. For a long time, however, joint work on documents, also known as collaborative work, hasn’t really been considered. Especially at a time when work processes are organized in teams and working groups and smooth cooperation has a high priority.

Sending documents back and forth by email or even on paper doesn’t make work any easier. On the contrary: It makes it inefficient and confusing. This was also what Mr. Schreiber thought while looking for the most recent version of the contract for the new customer order.

Collaborative work with the DMS?

Mr. Schreiber felt his pulse rate increase slightly. The most recent version of the contract wasn’t to be found. Sitting on the flight to the customer, he knew that it was only a few hours before it would be time to sign the contract. Before that, however, Mr. Schreiber also wanted to seek advice from a lawyer. A “CTRL+F + contract Roemer Schreiber new *” revealed a plethora of mails in his email client. He was struck by nerves. As much as he tried to remember, he no longer knew which of the five documents found was the actual final contract. Things were gonna be tight. Beads of sweat appeared on Mr. Schreiber’s forehead…

And Mr. Schreiber knew one thing. It wasn’t down to his age, which remained a long way from being biblical. Yes, there was a lack of key functions in the document management system. Nowadays, we work in decentralized teams. Why doesn’t the DMS support collaborative work? It should, of course, be possible. Working together on a contract document with version history – wouldn’t that be a great way to work? If only software were written by people for people who know modern working practices, grumbled Mr. Schreiber…

The common cooperation on documents from the DMS simplifies a lot. And not to forget: The digital signature secures the authorship and integrity of the document.

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The new feature: collaborative work in the document management system

That, in fact, doesn’t have to be a dream. At EASY, we design software for people so as to make the scenarios described above a thing of the past. With the upcoming EASY DMS, our document management system offers convenient access to Google Docs via an interface. This makes it possible for us to work together, and the simultaneous, shared editing of the same document is not the only advantage. All of those working on the document can see the changes – live and immediately. But the best thing: The version history of the document is fully available and lets you conveniently travel into the past of the document. Collaborative work with EASY DMS – never before has it been so easy, just as Mr. Schreiber wished. Yet he still wishes for more.

Collaborative work – with digital signature: only "one click away”

Now to the question that Mr. Schreiber asked himself after he had found the document: How can I be sure that the document hasn’t been changed while uploaded in the email client and on its journey there? In the context of collaborative work especially, this is an important thought.

If he had used the new EASY DMS, this wouldn’t have been a problem. Thanks to the interface to FP Sign or DocuSign, every document can be digitally signed – directly from EASY DMS. Perfect for collaborative work. This ensures the trustworthiness and integrity of the document. That means: The document comes from the person who signed it and is in exactly the state in which it was signed.

In short: With EASY DMS, collaborative work is more fun – and creates the conditions for contemporary and easy teamwork. Mr. Schreiber asks himself when the new features will be available? The answer: as of EASY DMS 5.0e.

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Thorsten Schmidt