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Corporate Social Responsibility at EASY – There are many good reasons…

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also a topic at and for EASY. And an important one at that. Why? The easiest answer to this question – as the German proverbial saying goes – might be:  “Do good and talk about it.” However, it’s not that easy, neither with EASY nor with most other organizations that I know.

But I can only speak for EASY here and say that there are many good reasons for our social commitment.


People are people are people

Surely, the most important thing is that enterprises are still made up of people and thus also involve human relationships, both within an enterprise and outside of it, e.g. through relationships with customers, partners, service providers or even family members of our employees.  On the one hand, we document our action through our code of conduct and, on the other hand, additionally our commitment in the field of the environment through CSR. Both of which always remind us that as a company, we also have values and we want to act as we think fit as people in the first place.

There’s no arguing that the named groups, which I may collectively refer to as stakeholders here, today also without doubt have certain expectations of enterprises such as EASY in terms of social commitment – quite rightly, I would think.  To us this is less of a burden than a confirmation of our own perception.


More than “just” the image

In addition to the “ideological” level, I can also perceive a clear business motivation for us at EASY:  CSR actually allows generating business benefits. Here’s a concrete example: in many organizations, there are at least two factors as cost drivers, i.e. energy consumption and the company’s own fleet. So both areas provide leverage, not to be underestimated, for saving costs.  The methods to achieve this may differ but the result is, in case of doubt, unambiguous.  To effectively gear corporate activity along the entire value chain and to commit to environmental protection is pretty obvious to EASY.

Apart from that, our commitment also gives us the opportunity to stand out from our competitors and – provided the products and services are credible – thus also to draw the attention of new customers to EASY and to commit existing customers to the enterprise in the long term. To me, this aspect also represents a business value for our company.


Meeting employee needs

Not forgetting – and here we come full circle with regard to the people in our enterprise – that CSR represents one of multiple ways to meet our employees’ needs and position EASY as an attractive employer. Such employee motivation may work in different ways. So what does EASY actually do? More on that in other blogs here.


A simple equation

To sum up, the following applies to EASY: there is not a single reason for not engaging in social commitment; however, there are all sorts of reasons to do so. What’s important is that we’re doing all this with a high level of seriousness, business orientation and professionalism – and with a clear focus on people – both within and outside our company.

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