It is much easier to reach your destination with a plan, a map or GPS. In many other daily situations, plans can also show us the way and contribute to us heading in the right direction. In the business context – for companies – it is essential that a joint direction determines the major goal and that everyone can contribute to it. To achieve (business) goals, a process focused on the long-term is generally needed – or more precisely, a strategy.

Dynamics and change in the industry

Following the successful conclusion of the EASY Fit transformation project in 2017, which created the best conditions for the EASY Software Group to successfully face the digital transformation thanks to restructuring measures and associated process improvements, EASY sets new goals for the coming years with the EASY 21 strategy.

Digitization is and remains a key theme – and an opportunity for EASY. Like all software companies, the EASY Group is also facing the transformation to Cloud solutions and platform services. The market environment is markedly dynamic. The IT analyst Gartner prophesies a transformation of the industry from enterprise content management (ECM) to content services platforms.

I see our business area especially to be here, with which we can offer our customers added value. We simplify and manage content and processes for them along digital value chains and at the same time create crucial competitive advantages for them in terms of time, costs and improved user experiences.

EASY 21 – The company strategy for the coming years

Building on our digital agenda, the focus of the new EASY 21 company strategy is on familiarizing people and companies with digitization and letting them share in its benefits and value creation – in line with our guiding principle “Digital, but EASY.”

Strategically, the EASY Group would like to actively help shape the consolidating market environment as a market-leading company in the field of content services platforms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here we strive to grow organically and inorganically above the market average in order to extend our leading position and to improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

EASY sets new goals for the coming years with the EASY 21 strategy.

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Components and core elements of the company strategy

EASY 21 has two pillars: as a market-leading company in the field of content services platforms, we want to continue taking an active design role, in particular reflecting innovative strength and perception in the market. Building on this, EASY 21 aims to enable the EASY Group to grow beyond the market and achieve double digit EBITDA margins over the long-term.

  1. Growth in the Cloud
  2. Innovations
  3. Internationalization
  4. Broadening the value chain

Growth in the Cloud

In the coming years, mobile and flexible solutions will be increasingly in demand in the information industry. Based on this development, EASY will make more solutions based on Cloud platforms available, allowing customers and partners in a variety of industries to digitize and mobilize their business processes agilely. Customers will be able to connect their existing landscape with the Cloud in hybrid scenarios. This protects existing investments and facilitates the parallel gain of competitive advantages.


Innovations drive differentiation from the competition and are a source of corresponding competitive advantages. In the coming years, EASY will invest in innovations in a variety of areas along the value chain, generating crucial added value for customers and at the same time opening up opportunities for growth for EASY.
One example is our Field Service app: (Link: It allows the modeling of technical processes with the customer’s signature completely mobile and digital, from order to acceptance.


As one of the market-leading companies in Germany, the EASY Group builds on a strong foundation to sell its products in other countries and languages. Today, our products are already used in over 60 countries. Internationalization will occur primarily through a strengthening of our international partner organizations, with a focus on larger partners. Together with them, EASY will invest in the development of the EASY product portfolio in international markets.

Broadening our value chain

The goal of the EASY Group in the coming years is to further increase effectiveness and efficiency and to reduce complexity through harmonized processes and simpler structures. To do this, we will further develop, promote and bundle our core competencies in-house. We will rely on both proven business relationships and on new developments and possible acquisitions. That lastingly increases profitability and the formative capacity of our development roadmap and thus, at the same time, the investment security of our customers as well.

United as the EASY Group

With the EASY 21 company strategy, EASY has established a structured plan to achieve our goals. We are resolved to actively help design the digital age and its dynamic processes for our customers, employees and partners and always be able to meet their needs in questions of digitization. For this, we at the EASY Group work together and digitize – true to our mission – as people, for people.

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EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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