Of course, the permanent institution of EASY WORLD is not just lectures, keynotes, networking and socialising. On Day 2 in particular, the focus is on hands-on, practical examples of the use of EASY SOFTWARE’s product portfolio – always changing from a customer and partner perspective. This was also the case this year. Product innovations as well as features and functions of recently published or upcoming software products were presented. A retrospective of the breakout sessions follows.

Discover the new simplicity: EASY for Exchange & EASY for Dynamics 11 Business Central 2

Sven Kalinowski, Software Engineer, and Ulf Wüstefeld, Senior Technical Consultant at EASY, focused on the interfaces of EASY SOFTWARE: EASY for Exchange and EASY for Dynamics 11 Business Central in this breakout session for partners.

More than ever, all the signs are pointing to simplicity, smooth implementation and productivity. The latest features and functions of EASY for Exchange and EASY for Dynamics 11 Business Central make this promise a reality in the day-to-day business of partners. The breakout session is divided into two parts. In the first part, Sven and Ulf introduced the Business Central App and how easy it is to handle documents and company data in a business context. The innovations in the cloud – and how EASY supports them in EASY for Dynamics 11 BC – were also addressed. But attention was also paid to the “old” EASY for Exchange. Two new modules will be added to the next version of EASY for Exchange: First, the reporting module, which provides a constant overview of memory usage and the number of e-mails per user along the time axis. Finally, Ulf and Sven presented the new PST tool for easy import and export of e-mails etc. – the perfect support for organizational and administrative tasks.

EASY ECM meets Cloud: 2 new, easy-to-configure modules for smooth, more productive work

The focus of this breakout session was on the presentation of the two new ECM modules EASY Client Framework and EASY Webscan. What efforts has EASY SOFTWARE made to meet both partner and customer requirements for high user-friendliness and the simplest possible configuration? Lutz Kohl, supported by Stephan Bitomsky and Sven Hundstein, demonstrated how easy and flexible the new EASY Client Framework can be configured in conjunction with EASY ApiOmat: Especially the development of stable and comfortable user interfaces can be simplified and accelerated enormously with the EASY Client Framework (CFW), which was previously a rather time-consuming and error-prone task. With EASY CFW, you can get started and, for example, develop a Taskmanager website “just in time”. Due to the combination of EASY Client Framework and EASY ApiOmat, this only brings advantages for partners and customers.

The second part of the session was dedicated to the EASY Webscan product. Target group: Users of EASY Cloud Solutions, e.g. EASY Cloud Archive. What is EASY Webscan? An easy-to-use scan client with the following advantages:

  • Minimal configuration effort
  • Available for EASY Cloud Solutions
  • Can be integrated into your own solutions
  • Available for large installations or for use in different branches
  • Also suitable for on-premises solutions

Previously, our scan/capture solution had no direct integration with EASY cloud solutions and had to be installed on a local computer. With EASY Webscan, we now have the solution: a web-based scan client provided by the EASY cloud solution itself. EASY Webscan solves the following problem: document scanning is, as it is today, a pre-process solution. Documents are collected and scanned as batches. For a long time, it was not possible to create documents in your own solution if required, e.g. from an open personnel file. EASY WebScan solves this problem – it can be integrated into your own solution in every workflow step and documents can be scanned as required. Furthermore, EASY WebScan solves the problem that classic capture solutions require a client installation on every computer on which scanning is initiated. But EASY Webscan can help: Start your scan client from a central platform! EASY Webscan has important advantages for partners and customers, is easier to configure and easier to administer – the keyword is “simpler roll-out”. EASY Webscan comes in 2020.

Schneller kommen Sie nicht zum gemeinsamen Vertragsentwurf. Auf diesem Wege reduzieren Sie Prozesslaufzeiten wie noch nie zuvor. Die Irrungen und Wirrungen durch ausgestauschte Vertragsentwürfe via E-Mail – dies gehört mit EASY Contract der Vergangenheit an.

Best Friends: EASY Archive & Docker

This session was all about the cloud, the use of Docker and EASY Archive 7, conducted by EASYans Gregor Tenbrink, Senior Technical Consultant, and Sebastian Westemeyer, Senior Software Engineer. This topic is exciting for all partners, who position themselves around the topic Cloud, but also for customers, who deal for example with the idea of a cloudbased archive.

Gregor and Sebastian first gave an overview of what Docker actually is. In short: Docker is one of the well-known container virtualization solutions, is free software and offers several advantages in principle:

Docker simplifies application deployment by making it easy to transport and install containers that contain all the necessary packages as files. EASY Archive 7 lives in one or more containers.
Containers ensure the separation and management of the resources used on a computer.

If you let your Archive 7 live in a docker container, you achieve the following advantages:

  • In this way, you can use EASY Archive in your own company or on-premises.
  • Benefit from the ease of use of a docker infrastructure
  • Ensure necessary load distribution
  • Rely on reliability, if required
  • Can update quickly and securely
  • Flexible use in different environments

In short, the perfect duet of Docker and EASY Archive 7 gives you a convenient cloud- or on-premises-based archive solution – exciting for all those who want an easy-to-configure, scalable solution, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

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