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Digitization strategies in organizations: Germany still lagging behind

The pace of digitizing business is advancing. These are clear signs: digital workflows, sacrificing paper, integrating the cloud into enterprise processes, and an ever-increasing natural use of mobile devices. However, German employees are skeptical about their employers choosing the right approach to these topics. At least a survey conducted by a large staffing agency suggests this.

400 employees of all ages were interviewed for this European comparison survey in Germany. Just under 70 percent of German participants are aware of the importance of digitization for their enterprise. Initially, this sounds like a convincing result. But taking a broader view shows that Germany falls far below the top five with this figure. The top five nations include Portugal, Italy, Spain, Norway as well as the Netherlands, with results ranging between 93 percent (Portugal) and 80 percent (Netherlands).


Right in the midst of the middle bracket…

A twelve-percent gap below No. 5 – that’s not really a glorious chapter for an export oriented business nation like Germany. Especially as the second finding of the survey shows a similar result: just over every second respondent (52 percent) says that their enterprise has developed a sustainable digital strategy. Here, too, Germany does not emerge among the Top 5: five percent are missing to make it to No. 5 which, at 57 percent, is occupied by Italy. After all, 65 percent in the Netherlands (No. 1) think their enterprise can offer a digital strategy.


Involving employees

When taking these figures as the benchmark, what’s the conclusion? German enterprises have plenty of room to grow, not just digitally. How well are they prepared for the requirements of the digital world? This is apparently also important: enterprises should share their strategic deliberations with their employees. Because what good is the best of strategies if your colleagues are unfamiliar with it?

Particularly because today dealing with the topic of digitization is easier than ever. Recent years have seen a lot of activity – digitization projects are frequently less complex than some economic buyers think. But this also comes as a challenge for the IT industry: door-to-door marketing of digitization is a good idea – and, most of all, offering solutions.

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