The events of recent days and weeks in many parts of Germany have been horrific and are becoming increasingly alarming. Populist and radicalized views and tendencies are gaining support. Harmonious coexistence based upon respect and openness both in society and politics is being made more difficult internationally through increasing polemics, racism and discrimination.

It is time to stop downplaying these developments. We at EASY SOFTWARE are not prepared to turn a blind eye. Instead we wish to actively embrace diversity and promote tolerance, equality and the rule of law.

EASY SOFTWARE AG is an open-minded company whose core values of fairness, respect and trust are shown to all of its employees, partners, investors and customers. Our almost 300 employees from 11 different nationalities work together successfully across 16 locations in six countries and all value mutual interaction. We meet each other respectfully and as equals and coexist based on common values in which there is no room for intolerance, discrimination and disrespect!

Our teams are diverse. People of different ages, genders, religion, personal orientation, ability and nationality stand for variety at EASY. We value this variety highly, because it opens ideas and perspectives that inspire the different departments of the company – for example, research and development. The best, most successful and most durable solutions and products ultimately arise from the mutual, constructive exchange of different personalities, views and backgrounds in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams. A broad understanding for individual concerns and positions is created in such teams, resulting in higher product innovation and a culturally more sensitive handling of customer service. This has a positive effect on market growth and the economic success of the company, as a McKinsey study shows.

The inclusion of different influences and perspectives in companies and in society is infinitely enriching. We can all learn so much from each other and benefit from these experiences – they move us strongly forward! Diversity offers an enormous opportunity for teams, companies and society and should not be seen as a “problem”.

We value variety highly, because it opens ideas and perspectives that inspire the different departments of the company

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As a company active in the technology industry, we operate in international markets and can sometime be faced with difficult or unpleasant decisions. Nevertheless, fairness and respect toward every individual are fundamental principles for all of our actions. We don’t want to be represented in the market just by our products and solutions, but also by the fundamental values which form our guiding principles. EASY has adopted eight principles which describe the value-based behavior in the company and offer our current and future employees, customers and partners orientation and a basis for decision-making.

Megatrends such as globalization and digitization have brought all of us around the world closer together, linked us, mixed different philosophies, values and influences. Different cultures, religions and people have enriched themselves with their own histories and experiences and created open, free, multicultural societies which must be perpetuated and cherished. We are an inclusive enterprise and expect, of course, even with all our differences, that our values and inclusion will be practiced throughout the company. That is what we are committed to at EASY SOFTWARE, and we pledge ourselves to a diverse, open, fair, respectful and tolerant coexistence in our company and in society. Let’s work together for that!

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EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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