DocuBizz develops new cloud solution in collaboration with EASY SOFTWARE

  • EASY SOFTWARE and DocuBizz sign partnership agreement
  • Development of a cloud service for the storage of tax-relevant documents
  • Digitization solutions for the automotive trade as core objective

EASY SOFTWARE and the Danish cloud provider DocuBizz sign a partnership agreement to develop and implement an EASY Cloud Archive Service for the GOBD-compliant storage of tax-relevant documents in conjunction with various accounting solutions and ERP systems.

The core target group is the automotive dealer market. Cooperations with the Ford Dealer Association and the Car Dealer Management provider CDK Global have already been confirmed.

DocuBizz, founded in 1968 in Copenhagen, specializes in the processing of supplier invoices using full managed cloud solutions. With more than 10,000 users in over 1,000 companies, DocuBizz enables the automation of millions of time-consuming work processes every day.

The joint project with EASY SOFTWARE is the next step in supporting customers with effortless digital archiving of business documents. The application client developed by DocuBizz accesses the EASY Cloud Archive Service and is being developed for an application in several languages.

In addition to existing digitization solutions, DocuBizz will offer the product under the name DocuBizz Intelligent Cloud Archiving internationally, starting with Europe and the USA. For existing DocuBizz customers, the integration of EASY’s revision-proof archive does not require any acclimatization. Operation continues to take place in the familiar environment. The big advantage: Significant functional expansion with consistent operation.

EASY SOFTWARE and DocuBizz are natural partners with common goals, due to their collective knowledge of document management in the cloud. This joint expertise in combination with various focal points of competence promises a product that will comprehensively cover the demanding needs of customers” says Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG

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