Print and document management is driving corporate digital transformations, according to a current study. A record-breaking 91% of all companies in Germany have recognized the potential of digitization for document-intensive processes. According to the study, 53% of all documents are already transmitted digitally.

Development Slower than Projected

Many companies, however, are still finding it difficult to say goodbye to paper. The IDC also researched the reasons for this in its study on the issue, entitled: “Print & Document Management in Germany 2016.” Reason 1: customers want paper. 2: to conform with legal requirements. Reason 3: working with paper documents is physically easier. And, last but not least, reason 4: employees want paper.

The good thing about these reasons is that they are likely to dissolve as the workforce grows younger. Except for one of them: if companies have legal concerns with switching over to electronic documents, this either means that policies and regulations are too comprehensive or too complex, or that ECM system suppliers need to explain their products better – or both.

Process Optimization is a Key Motivating Factor

This is especially true since the reasons for digitizing document-intensive processes are so convincing: 56% of survey participants see opportunities to optimize their processes. This represents a peak in this view – two years ago, “just” 42% saw room for optimization. In 2014, lowering operating costs was the main priority, with 54% approval. Today, it’s just 43%. Lowering printing costs remains crucial for about half of study participants.


Of course, in 2014 IDC expected the percentage of digital documents in companies in the year 2016 to already be 13% over the numbers from 2014. As of now, the growth is just a sluggish 2%. Of course, 2016 still has a little ways to go. And as IDC found out, companies still have some big plans in the works: 51% are preparing document workflows, 49% are working on electronic archiving, and 48% are automating document-intensive processes. By the end of the year, it is likely that significantly more documents will be available digitally than they are today. What was it Victor Hugo said? Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. More information here.

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