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EASY and SugarCRM: A real process accelerator

Customer relationship management systems (CRM) support sales and marketing in numerous daily tasks. But besides the usual presentations of contact information and history as well as customer-related tasks, CRM systems often lack a connection to professional document management. EASY SOFTWARE and SugarCRM are now bridging this important gap. EASY SOFTWARE AG recently cooperated with SugarCRM Advanced partner ISC it & software consultants GmbH from Nuremberg, Germany for the Cologne-based Grevens Adressbuch-Verlag.


The Task:

The SugarCRM customer management system created by ISC had to be seamlessly linked to the EASY document management.


The result:

After customized implementation, the sales force at Grevens Adressbuch-Verlag is now able to access all relevant customer documents quickly, easily and conveniently.

Jörg Madloch from ISC says about the cooperation, “The interface between SugarCRM and EASY is a real process accelerator. Documents can now be called up in SugarCRM in just a few moments. Our customer Grevens thus gains time and transparency in internal projects. We thank EASY for the smooth cooperation.”

You can learn more about EASY’s interface Portfolio here, and more about the SugarCRM solutions from ISC here. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

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