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EASY Archive Smart certified

A distinguished product: the new EASY Archive Smart module has been successfully certified. As part of the validation, PFK Fasselt Schlage Partnerschaft mbB of Berlin, Germany, has checked all invoice-related and tax-related functions of the archive.

The result: EASY Archive Smart is perfectly suited for revision-proof archiving of business-related information. With our solution, you’ll be on the safe side with regards to handling your auditor and your Internal Revenue Service.


So what are the features of EASY Archive Smart?

EASY Archive Smart is a lightweight and easy-to-use archive. Configuration and administration have been reduced to a minimum. Because EASY Archive Smart is an out-of-the-box archive. Installation and configuration are very easy and self-explanatory. This enables you to start using your new archive within the shortest time.

EASY Archive Smart sacrifices an external database; this eliminates the need for expensive licensing. Because EASY Archive Smart already includes the required functionality for a fully integrated and fast database.

Enjoy our certified EASY Archive Smart module.

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