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EASY Archive Smart: The Next Level of Archiving

In our last newsletter, we invited you to the introduction of EASY Archive Smart at EASY WORLD, informing you of its December release date. We’ll start from there today, letting you know a bit more about EASY Archive Smart, the next level of archiving solutions from EASY.


Just as you would expect: reliable and secure

What should you expect from an electronic archive? In our opinion: It has to be secure – and reliable too. And you don’t want to see too much of it. Nor should you. An archive is a service you simply have to have, and needs to work. The user should be able to rely that his information is stored securely, “somewhere” in the background. If he needs the information, it should be available quickly and reliably, at the push of a button. It should also offer the security of knowing no one can change the information without authorization. This is exactly what EASY Archive Smart provides.


Smart – simple and flexible         

Company managers might see archives a little differently. EASY Archive Smart impresses here as well – above all due to its streamlined design, quick and simple installation, and a configuration reduced to only the absolute essentials. EASY Archive Smart is available almost entirely pre-configured. A smart assistant does the rest. You can confidently forego an external database, and the expensive licensing fees that go with it. EASY Archive Smart provides all the functions you need for performant data retention in the form of a built-in database – without a separate installation or separate administration. And, as we said, with no additional licensing costs. That’s what we call smart.

The scope of services offers everything you’re used to, and more. Just as before, EASY Archive Smart provides you with all the options you expect from a professional archive – and the best possible performance, highest reliability, and maximum flexibility. And it’s all quite smart.


Plug-ins – just plug in and go

In addition, new plug-in functions offer additional advantages. Functions not required by all customers, such as a link to the XML server, are only installed on an as needed basis, and can be added later at any time. This helps the core of EASY Archive Smart stay streamlined and performant. Updates of functional modules, like web services for administration or SAP integration, can be completed easier than ever before and without interrupting ongoing operations.


Optimised for OEMs

Our OEM partners, especially, benefit from the new interfaces. They allow you to integrate EASY Archive Smart into your system environment seamlessly. You can also use our new interface for configuration and commissioning with just a few steps. That’s optimal for you, and optimal for your customers.


Also available for the cloud, of course

And EASY Archive Smart can also be used as the archive in a cloud scenario, just as easily as in an OEM solution. As simple as a service. As powerful as you’d expect from an archiving solution.


Further information and live web cast

Get excited about the new EASY Archive Smart. We are pleased to invite you to a live webcast, where we will be telling you more about the opportunities and advantages of the new solution in detail, providing you with a live introduction to EASY Archive Smart, and answering your questions. You will receive a separate invitation to the webcast in the EASY Newsletter. Further information is available, as always, through the EASY website. We are glad you’re interested in learning more.

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